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 Role of yoga in our life

  • Today we are living in a fast era world. Everyone is in rush, everyone is running to get something. But what is that "SOMETHING" we are looking for??? This is the big question for us today...

    According to me, everyone is running just to be happy... may be description and the standards of happiness defer from person to person. So finally we all want to be happy but what is required to be happy..?? The answer is peace of mind & mental satisfaction at all level.

    When we are so very busy in our day to day routine, we don't have time to take care of our body. We unable to take care of our food schedule. That's the reason, we start facing many problems. Some of these are obesity, breathing problems, high cholesterol, high/low BP.. etc. and as we are not healthy from inside. We start feeling inferior complexes etc. Finally we suffer from hypertension, irritation and high temper with depression. These all factors affect our social as well as family and love life.

    Yoga is lifestyles which provide us the flexibility to maintain our body fit and stress free mind.

    To know this, let's go back to the medieval India [preVedic kal]... Here we find the roots of yoga in Rig-Veda around six to fifth century BCE / Upanishad and beginning of yoga sutra of patanjali. The Vedas,Upanishad and patanjali the whole thing is drawing us to the power of yoga for achieving peace of mind and soul. As millions of years have been passed, and everyone has their own perceptions, thousands of bifurcations have taken place in the definition of the yoga. But the cream meaning of yoga, supported by almost all, yoga is a discipline way to united mind, body and soul with the power of universe.

    Yoga includes...
    1. Asana or posture [work out] : To keep our body fit and healthy,
    2. Dhyan - Sadhana [meditation]: To reduce stress & to merge our internal power with the power source of nature.
    3. Pranayama

    If we are healthy inside, we will be rocking outside but few 'if' and 'buts' drag us towards bad health as..
    1. Sometimes we don't have time
    2. Sometimes lack of resources like work out instruments or coach
    3. Sometimes we have limited means
    4. Or any other unavoidable reasons.
    However the reality remain as we all want to live a fit with healthy, mentally, socially, psychologically as well as physically.

    Yoga plays an important and major role in our life to achieve these all with giving any burden in our personal life because...

    5.Yoga means work out exercises, asana or postures, pranayama means control of breath & meditation for all.
    6. For the people with limited means like unable to pay for gymming, 100% yoga is made for them.
    7. Sometimes cardiac problem or breathing problem, in that case also yoga is the best way to keep body fit.
    8. To manage stress and to cure hypertension, irritation & BP problems through meditation.
    9. Suffering from prolonged illness.
    Yoga teaches us the small but regular eating, drinking, walking & seating techniques to remain fit.

    Undoubtedly Yoga touches every part of our life, such as physical, social and mental. Yoga works as the tonic for our soul, gives us mental peace and satisfaction. And as a final product of practicing yoga we get healthy body, mind and soul with everything in abundance.

    Go for yoga..

    Fit raho, Hit raho. [stay fit, stay hit]