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Best Never

Best Never

"Uncrowned hero's of sports"

Good is not good when excellent is expected.

This saying perfectly fits these uncrown real heroes.

Want to know how? Just think about the next questions...!!!

Who is the greatest sport figure that has ever lived? What comes to your mind?

Then your answer might be some famous sport celebrity,

Don Bradman (cricketer from Australia),
Muhammad Ali (boxing - America),
Michal Jordan (basketball player from America),
In car racing Michael Schumacher (Germany) etc.

But what about the unnoticed champions who have defeated these legends they have qualities like overcoming adversity, keeping calm in defeat and victory which help them in creating a space for themselves. These champions are equally capable and having excellent winning qualities as celebrity sport persons. But some of the circumstances never allowed them to become best ever, so we have created this page to pay a honour to those diamonds whose shine disappeared somewhere in dust of time.

Fitnessdada has provided you amazing, unheard, and off the super record things of amateur sport persons, and body builder etc. This will be a motivation and inspiration for the budding sport personals.

Like great sport legends have been defeated by many amateur sport persons which are itself BEST NEVER. Like great boxer Muhammad Ali retired after losing 2 crucial matches to Larry Holmes and Trever Berbick.

Here we could only say one thing about best never, and that is....

The world worship rising sun...