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Do not feel offended about SEX.. know about it...!

Sex is most misunderstood and misinterpreted word in the world.

A man can rise above sex, by understanding it, deeply and completely to identify what is SEX...?

Knowing well the whole meaning of energy, its path and the system,man would make him free from infatuations. No one in universe can get rid off sexual feelings by closing eyes and by the way doing so, one may think that he or she has achieved stable mind set. if we think that by closing our eyes, our enemy is finished then either we are mad or fool. behavior of man on sex equals him with the behavior of ostrich.

Man thinks that by closing eyes, sex would fade away. If by closing our eyes, we think our life has moved towards easiness then we are mistaken. Nothing would be easier in realities, nothing fades away from our life by closing our eyes and siding ourself from the topic sex. Actually it provides evidence that we all are afraid of the Sex. Closing our eyes is a sign of weakness.

And in respect of sex topic, whole humankind has closed there eyes for centuries.


By mere suppressing sexual need, 98 out of 100 men become crazy, mad or unusal in behavioural attitude. If thousands of women get hysteria or likewise symptoms, then 99 out of 100 women's hysteria, epilepsy, faints just because of unseen and unsaid factor of sex in there life. Today man is so restless, turbulent and miserable & suffering and being in dark without knowing the main reason behind this which is sex factor some where.

Man has distorted the name and image of sex. If talk about Celibacy then we have never tried to understand the energy of sex and it's representation. Without understanding the power of repression, all of abstinence education, resulting in man obsession, anxiousness and ill will. Normally we don't care and gets sick, so weak was never; so toxic it was never with heavy depression.

This sex power is within, the man has to realize. With it's abundance energy we can channelize, elevate it to the peak as now we are obstructing it and unknowingly sitting on boiling volcano with it's hidden and blocked force which could blast or revert back any time.

Did you ever realize that you might have forgotten the name, caste, face etc of a person but never the sex of person...?

Remember that some space of your mind has already occupied the thought process sex permanently. We can and do forget everything but never sex..? This earth will not be healthier place to live until there is wall between men and women. Earth and human being will not be quieter till we are forcefully suppressing and sitting on that fire of sexuality. That fire of sex will burnt and change our life into disaster then why not to respect and know that fire. If we are able to understand this fire then it will be friendly. Man is having big source of energy much bigger than atomic energy which is sex energy.

Ever you thought, how powerful a small atom of nuclear bomb could destroy whole city of Hiroshima and how can one energy of sex can give a birth to a baby that can be Gandhi, Newton, Einstein, Mahavir, Budha, APJ Kalam, Bhimrao Ambedkar etc.

Sex is fact not myth. It is basis for mankind and god.God is still far from us but sex is the divine truth of life.

You have to trust it.

Fit raho, Hit raho. (stay fit, stay hit)