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Are you suffering from old muscular or joints pains ..?

Are you looking for a treatment which would help you recovering fast in post injuries' pain?

Physiotherapy or Physical therapy is defined as facility of services to people in order to return or maintain physical and functional ability especially after time of prolonged disease or injury, but most often it is performed to improve physical capabilities.

Physiotherapy is an exercise which maintains the functioning state of human body. Basically physiotherapy is an exercise supervised by physiotherapists. Below mentioned are some of the conditions in which physiotherapy may be beneficial.
1. Post injury rehabilitation
2. Joint disorders
3. Spine problems
4. Headaches & stress
5. Neurological disorders
6. Urinary problems
7. Gynecological problems
8. Lung and heart diseases
Above are some of the states where physical therapy works, but the role of physiotherapists is far much more.

Physiotherapy is not just an exercise of easy and repetitive steps. Right application is sometimes a challenge for even expert physiotherapists. Use of suitable physical therapy according to the patient's age, gender, physical condition, disease severity and physical abilities are some of the factors that influence the approach for physio treatment. So only a physio with deep knowledge, ample experience and expertise is required for this purpose. Such a person is called as a Physiotherapist.

How physiotherapy works?
1. It includes manual treatment
2. Acupuncture.
3. Massages
And many more techniques are used according to the need of patient.

Physiotherapy is the only treatment which give us the freedom to repeat some of the exercises at home also for good and fast recovery. For treating immobility in muscles and joints physiotherapist may go for heat treatment and stretching exercises.