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"Similar" and "Disease" words are made from Greek words homeopathy, which makes sense as "similar to disease" and it's for the people who have spent years trying to find a relief in numerous drugs, hospitals and doctors, as an effective alternate tool to cure people.

Homeopathy, as a method of therapy appeared more than 200 years past and it is a method of handling, which belongs to the regulative types of therapy. This therapy is aimed to "recreate" the power of life organism by activating the processes of body self-regulation, leading to the recovery. Homeopaths suggest a parallel homeopathic remedy to each patient according to one's health condition. Normally saying, its main benefit is that is helps the organism handle with the disease by itself. A homeopathic remedy only gives the compulsion to the organism that directs its activity in the right path. Ordinary medicines either suppress or disturb definite processes in the body, while homeopathic - simply regulate these processes; they treat the person rather than treating disease.

According to the explanation of the National Center of Homeopathy: "Homeopathy" is a alternative mode of medicine that is based on the principle of Similar, Provide homeopathic remedies function upon three main principles:
(i) Like cures like,
(ii) Minimal dose and
(iii) The single remedy.

1) Like cures like - means that a perfect cure to a disease is as diamond cuts diamond with same formulation like "poison" can kill "poison". So may be the homeopathic remedy would cause a problem for a healthy person and cure the diseased person means unauthorized medication in homeopathy may dangerously damage one's health.
2) Minimal dose - the cure is taken in the minimal quantity, which is not dangerous for the patient under authorized person but it may counteracts the causes of the disease at the same time.
3) The single remedy - What is meant is that there is only one cure for a given set of symptoms. Here patient does not have to take numerous drugs for each of the indicators he has but only one homeopathic remedy to influence thereby cure the whole set. After an exclusively selected homeopathic remedy the entire health conditions gets improved and then the complaints disappear. It is essential to know that homeopathy does not "kill the germs" but it does boost immune system to fight the reasons of the disease. Apart from strengthening the immune system, homeopathies support the mental and psychical state of a patient disorder, which sometimes can play a important part in the recovery process. . Homeopathy is a pathy and never makes you dependent and as it is to be prescribed to people of any age including infants and pregnant women. The only minus that makes many people turn away from homeopathy medicine because takes a long time to select the accurate remedy that will help the organism to handle with the disease, thereby people prefer taking chemical medications and get the instant result the want, without treating the cause of the organism's malfunction.

But now, the process of manufacturing and selling of all homeopathic products is supervised and controlled by the domestic and international drug administration agency. Though homeopathy is fully legal its success is still questioned and it has a strong disapproval in the face of conventional medicine.

Homeopathy has been present for already more than 200 years back. Anxiously it still does cause watchfulness thereby rejection from the side of both patients and doctors. Basically In many cases it is due to great volume of common myth connected with homeopathy. According to the laws of the major developed countries, that a person may become a homeopath even without a medical diploma studies and this is the reason homeopathy in these countries is viewed as a type of public medicine.

Homeopathy is equivalent to the conventional medicine and a system of medicine that is truly worth of respect. Homeopathy to be valuable in the terms of contemporary medicine in comparison to chemical drugs homeopathies are made out of vegetable, mineral and anything natural. It does not contribute anything new to into the organism, no strange chemical materials; they do not destroy anything, do not encourage anything and do not interfere anything.