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The word herbal is derived from the word herbs.

Now the question is what are Herbs?

In general term the herbs mean, any plant or plant extract useful to human body and add taste to the food, are called herbs. Here, plant extract stands for the part of plants or trees, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc. which have healing power and taste. And they are used in cooking and as medicine also.

♦ Aloe vera, basil, bay leaves, etc. are the examples of leaves of plants.
♦ Cinnamon (dalchini) , is the stem of plant.
♦ Papaya, seeds & fruits both are used as herbs.

These are some of the examples of part of plants which we use as herbs. They have their own healing qualities, which are useful for human body.
For example,
1. Aloe vera cures skin & hair problem.
2. Basil is useful in cough & cold.
3. Bay leaves cures diabetes & good for digestion.
4. Cinnamon is useful in hernia, bed-wetting, etc.
5. arnica can be applied for sprains, sore joints, and muscles.
6. chamomile tea drank for troubled stomach, heartburn, indigestion, and colic etc.

As Herbs have many qualities. They are costly when we buy them from the market in a processed form. Many companies use herbs to make products, medicines, etc. But we can grow our own herbs in our garden and also we can found them in our kitchen. It is really easy to grow our own herb garden; you can plant basil, mint, aloevera, etc. directly in our garden. This will save money and will give pleasure to us of self creation as well as safety.

Fit raho, Hit raho. ( Stay fit, stay hit )

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