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Banned Sports Persons

Banned Sports Persons

In recent times sport events are very demanding from the competition contender be at national level to international level. Every sport contender wants to be in winner list and to have status like star. When being on top become an obsession and essence then for that one require speed, power and skill and it can attain with training, which has no alternative.

But to stay ahead of other contenders and big fear of losing at crucial events makes one consume supplements which help them enhance their performing capacity. These medicines or drugs are called Performance enchaining drugs (PED). Use of PED's at national and international sport level are prohibited by WADA (world anti doping agency) and NADA (national anti doping agency) for keeping sport clean and fair from doping. Many famous sport people have been found positive under doping test.

For example Lance Armstrong, 7 times cycling champion, has been accused of Performance enchaining drugs (PED) use many times at sport events. After his self confession before US anti doping agency for widespread use of PED .resulting international Olympic committee to ordered him to return bronze medal and declared the race as void.

PED are harmful not only for your career, dreams & goals but also for your health. Use of this kind of PED can through you away from sports. And their adverse effects may cost you some permanent disabilities; these disabilities may be physical as well as mental.

What will happen if you lose a race??? Just think about it..!!!

But use of PED to win a race may compile you to lose your life...!!!

Conclusion is, life is precious than any gold medal.

And the fact is, there is no short cut to success...!!!

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