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 Killing drugs…. Steroids..!

  • Aren’t you afraid of this name…??

    Some of us specially body builders and muscle builders like it…! It’s not that they like it but it’s due to lack of knowledge and lack of education about killing drug steroid…!!

    Would you love to take it again…?

    Just wait… few facts would open up your eyes to decide as whether to take steroids or not….!

    So same question aswhy steroids are still considered as disgrace for mankind..?

    Are these really solution to body building, muscle building and stamina?

    Let’s know as what is it all about “steroids”?

    Steroids are the chemical compound substances consumed to cure or enhance the physical efficacy of human body.


    What do we get naturally from nature is natural and which boosts our efficacy is called as NATURAL STEROID.

    Let’s know about natural steroids as how are these produced in our body through cholesterol, fat, sugar intake in our body. These help in producing living tissues and masculine structure. Additional intake of chemical steroids may alter the potent hormone in MALE thereby causing impotency, sexual disability, abnormal hair growth on body, increase in appetite and masculine feature etc. and in the case of FEMALE it may cause change in disrupted menstrual cycle, voice, mood swing and growth of facial hair.

    These could be injected into human body by taking orally, by injecting liquid steroids in muscle and by applying directly to the skin.

    Sale and consumption of steroids is banned in many countries and its uses are restricted by the international sports authorities like WADA (WORLD ANTI DOPING AUTHORITY) and NADA (NATIONAL ANTI DOPING AUTHORITY) and they call it as doping but illegal usesby sports person and bodybuilders make them helpful in attaining the super records. FITNESSDADA.COM doesn’t commend its uses at any stage.

    Long usage of steroids can cause much irreparable damage to the body like impotency, hypertension, hair fall, liver disorder, baldness, aggressive behavior, abnormal muscle growth etc.

    To answer all such queries, you have landed at the right place for “achieving sound fitness state of healthy mind, body and soul” and that is

    This portal is a complete encyclopedia for fitness, wellness and health backed up by our professionals with vast knowledge and experience.

    In nutshell is here to answer your all queries, share information, diet plan, exercise tips, and online consultation portal on achieving fitness state

    But not keeping you away from our deep information available on our portal .and we will be in constant touch for the new information update.

    As our mission and vision is BE FIT STAY HIT


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