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 Nutrition And Supplements

  • "Eat a well-rounded diet" for healthy body then you can keep away many types of diseases away.

    Why nutrition….?

    Nutritions are the building blocks of body, inner organ functioning for growth and staying fit and healthy. So food supplements are added extra and additional food to support under nourished diet.

    Balanced nutritious diet is essential for body. Balanced nutritious diet contains Vitamins, minerals, Proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber for proper functioning.

    Vitamin & mineral are needed for proper functioning of organs and protect, replace regenerate healthy cells. Protein help in regulating inner body function related to tissues and muscles and carbohydrates and fats help in providing energy to the body.

    Under nutritious diet can lead to many types of diseases like anemia. Malnutrition can lead to impotency, sleeping disorders, lack of libido, scurvy, poor vision, rickets etc. To overcome all such short comings, a nutritious food or diet containing balanced quantity of vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds, fruit, dairy products and eggs. Self-decided and without supervision, supplements in take can lead to many complications related to hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorder of heart, nervous system and stomach.

    Based on the daily life style, heredity illness and eating habit many people tend to take under nutritious food due to various reasons like financial crisis or time. To overcome such problems, is there every day and every moment with you.

    Our mission and vision-

    BE FIT STAY HIT     

    Our slogan- FIT RAHO HIT RAHO

Vitamins And Supplements