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 Myths and facts of fitness

  • Today every one think that he or she is a doctor and that concept gives birth to unbelievable laughing and confusing myths. E.g. Don’t move forward if black cat has crossed the road! Now decide yourself whether it’s fact or mere myth.

    Myth is a wrong belief or old story without any evidence and proofs. Even in case of fitness, wellness and health, some people while following a fitness regimen might not get desired fitness level and attract to the artificially designed myths. Like some says, “working for belly fat reduction one has to do more exercise for the lower abdomen. !“.  It is just myth because our whole body starts responding in an equal proportion to the fitness regimen when we are start doing exercises.Another myth…… Some says, “Weight lifting for fitness in women can make them bulkier! “

    The fact…. the testosterone hormone is lower in women body as compare to men’s body which provide less space for fat resulting in loss of inches  helping in slimming down.

    FITNESSDADA.COM suggests not to follow any myths directly or indirectly.

    For any clarification and information related to myth, one should consult doctor or experts in the respective field. portal is here at your service to provide you such common prevailing myths.

    But not keeping you away from our deep information available on our portal .and we will be in constant touch for the new information update .As our mission and vision is BE FIT STAY HIT

Myths And Facts