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Fitnessdada is one of the most trusted health and fitness website in India and we are also spreading out our wings in some foreign countries as well. Our members, clients and viewers rely on us when it comes to buying a product or equipment for their health needs. Fitnessdada is a thriving community of friendly fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life.

There are already some brands advertising their products, equipments ,fitness accessories and health books on our portal and have benefitted in the growth of their customer base to a great extent .The fitness buffs can be reached on their specific interest at fitnessdada.com as it is followed by large number of masses. As people get a lot of options on our website they get attracted towards the seller. Not only this we also provide options for other businesses to advertise on our website at some most visited locations or web pages.

Why you should advertise with us?

  • We receive an average of 255.85 visits per day.
  • Due to the nature of our business, nearly all of these visitors are Fitness interested and look for better ways to improve their health. Ads for your Health related products and equipment is sure to reach your target market.
  • Competitive pricing options.
  • Our customers often have flexible spending, making our customer base a relatively high income demographic to target your products.
  • Our site design assures your banner is seen on every page of our website. From the home page to the checkout process, our customers will see your advertisement.
  • Our clients or member are very concerned about their health and always look for better health options available to them.
  • We keep updating our website keeping in mind our customers, sellers and advertisers.
  • Contract pricing discounts are available, please Contact Us if you would like to purchase a spot for a predetermined period of time.

Advertising Partners

Our preferred advertising partners include (but it is not limited to)

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight loss Programs
  • Dietary supplements
  • Health clubs and Gyms
  • Fitness equipment suppliers
  • Health care Products
There is no limitation if you are interested in promoting or advertising something else on our website we are more than happy to discuss the opportunity with you,

At the moment we offer two types of advertising programs one is for the Sellers and another is for the Advertisers. For more information on how to advertise with us, please email us at enquiry@fitnessdada.com