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Yoga glorifies with the right food

Yoga glorifies with the right food

According to experts, 20% work out + 80% food = 100% health with fitness. Food play an important role in our life, therefore for being healthy one has to understand the food types and habits. Our own food habit decides our body structure and health.

Yoga has specified food in three different groups, according to their types and contains.

  1. Satvic food:

The food that purifies the body and peace up the mind is satvic food. Cooked or raw food that can be consumed within 3-4 hours is included in satvic food.

Example of satvic food:

Green leafy vegetables, fruits, fresh juice & milk, grains, nuts, some of the spices

  1. Rajasic food:

Rajasic food motivate the mind & body to be active, if we take rajasic food in access, it may cause sleeplessness, anger, hyper activeness, irritation, etc.

Over all testy food is called rajasic food.

Example of Rajasic food: 

Fried food, coffee, tea, spicy food, onion, garlic 

  1. Tapasi food:

Tamasic food is those which makes the mind dull and bring inactivity, confusion and loss of nerve. Artificial coloured & preservative food, reheated & stale food fall under this category, 

Example of tapsi food: 

Non veg food, stale food, oily food, sugary & sweet food, excessive food  

We get the body and mind according to the food we eat. However, as much as the food affects the health, equally the food habits are also important for good health, according to yoga.  

Following are the good food habits which are advisable. 

  • Observe your eating habits: 

What you eat? How much calories you intake? Observe it carefully, and then you may decrease the excess calories food from your diet. Also follow the yoga asana that will help you in burn calories. 

  • Green vegetables are advisable: 

Green vegetables are high in fibre. Fibre helps to reduce the fat and green veggies are prepared in short time and quick to digest. You may go for ayurvedic cooking, it will help you to add on good test to your satvic food diet. 

  • Drink water at proper time and in a proper way: 

Water is main element of human body, and highly required by us. But avoid water for 30 min. before and after meal. Because it slowdowns the digestive process. 

Also keep in mind that drink water in any open base pot or bowl, and take very small sip just like birds, this helps water molecules to spread equally. And this habit is advised by the yogic gurus. We may call them yoga experts. 

  • Chew food for good health: 

More you chew the food more it becomes easy to digest. This line is enough to make you understand the importance of chewing food.

Yoga will give you good result when you complement it with good food and good food habits.

Go for yoga, go for life...

Fit raho, hit raho (stay fit, stay hit)