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Yoga can cure diseases myth or reality

Yoga can cure diseases myth or reality

Yoga practice has been started in India 5000 years back. At that time no medical services were developed. Still, average life of an individual was above 100 years & every person was living their life with peace, joy and without any disease.

The reason behind the long and healthy life was the life style. People of ancient India were following spiritual lifestyle and a big part of their lifestyle was occupied by Yoga. This history indicates that yoga can cure the diseases.

Moreover, in present time life has become very hassle full. And because of stress, tension & other physical harassments many diseases are taking place. To cure these diseases we are being addicted & depended on the medicines, these medicines cure diseases on temporary bases and invite other long term disease. 

Here the real roll of yoga starts, yoga practice on regular bases may cure many diseases or it won’t be hyperbolical, if I say yoga prevents diseases. 

With yoga we may avoid many medicines. You are advised to add on just some yoga postures in your day to day life.

  1. Bhujangasan:

Sleep on abdominal, keep hands on both sides near chest, palms on mat side, elbows lift up, keep legs stretched and toes together, lift upper body up by pressing hip down and inhale breath.

Then again come back to starting position, and repeat again.      

You can do this asana twice a day, when you are in bed at morning & night time. Five minutes practice per day is enough to get this posture in our day to day life.

  1. Vajrasana:

Sit kneeling on mat, joint toes, hands on same sided knees. Remain in the same position.

You may extend the same position up to 10 to 15 minutes.

You are advised to practice this posture after meal. It helps to digest the food better, also helps in weight loss.

More over yoga may cure following diseases;

  • Asthma : pranayam and anulom-vulom
  • Diabetes: trikonasna or triangle pose (controls blood sugar level)
  • Hypertension : pranayama and meditation,
  • Indigestion: pawan muktasana, or child pose
  • Migrain: sirshasana
  • Lower back pain: Tadasana
  • Arthritis: surya namaskar

There are numbers of diseases which could be cured by yoga. So, yoga can cure the disease, is not a myth, but a science.

NOTE:  please consult your doctor before you start practicing any posture of yoga, if you are suffering from any pre determined disease. Practice yoga under supervision of experts.

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