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Yoga a complete package for all

Yoga a complete package for all

In India since ancient time, yoga has been a part of lifestyle & in present time, world is following the path of yoga. Yoga is not only a way to cure or to prevent disease. Yoga is a complete package of life which has something for everyone.

Yoga touches every aspect of life as well as life of every individual of any age.

Yoga is a combination of following;

  • Meditation
  • Asana
  • Pranayam
  • Life style

Yoga gives mental peace and physical health in every stage of life.

Before birth:

Some yogasana and meditation are really helpful during pregnancy. Pregnant lady may face many problems,  

  • Change in mood
  • High / low blood pressure
  • Swelling in legs, &
  • Helps in delivery and relief in labour pain.

Meditation gives peace of mind to the expecting mothers, which gives healthy mind to new life (new born baby).  And of course, a healthy mother gives life to a healthy child.  Here, yoga affects the first step of life.

After Birth:

After birth surprisingly the perfect age to begin yoga is 8 years. 

  • Air sacs numbers stabilize in lungs at the age of 8, yoga helps to increase air sacs numbers in lungs.
  • Pranayama helps in establish immune system. (nadi shodhana & the sun solution pranayama)
  • Introduction to karma yoga helps the child to be responsible, develop moral values, etc.

Over all, yoga gives complete development to mind and body for life time.

Senior citizen age:

At the evening of the life, yoga becomes the support system to live.

  • Immobility becomes the main issue during old age, here yogasana help to make our body flexible.
  • Meditation helps to avoid hypertension, low sleep quality, irritation and tension problems.
  • Pranayama helps to maintain immune system strong.
  • Yoga useful in curing BP, diabetes and day to day weakness and pain.

In short yoga affects every stage of our life cycle. Yoga is a complete package; it has something very unique for everyone. 

According to me, Yoga is like the sun and our life is like a day, whether the sun is rising or it has disappeared, it always favours us to survive.

Go with yoga, go with life.....

Fit raho, Hit raho (stay fit, stay hit)