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Yoga Poses Sciatic Pain Get Relief

Yoga Poses Sciatic Pain Get Relief

Yoga exercises give multi-dimensional benefits to our body. As the Postures vary the target muscle or body part being strengthened also varies. Here are few yoga postures which will be specific to back strengthening in your body

If you want to strengthen the back, planking is the simplest answer. It works in large parts as it engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Benefits of practicing plank posses:

  • A Toned Belly :Planking will boost buildingup your deep inner back muscles which lay the groundwork for that six-pack look
  • Best for back conditioning and also works your glutes, hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance
  • Plank variations can be added increase intensity and work different areas of your body. It can be performedin many directions: front, side and reverse, each direction enhances different sets of muscles for overall toning and strengthening

Boat Pose
During boat pose every small and big muscle in your abdominals is engaged. A Full Boat Pose strengthens your hamstrings, spines and hip flexors. It also tones and strengthens abdominal muscles.

Warrior III POSE
A Warrior iii posedevelops strength and length in your abdomen, torso and spine while also developing the leg muscles.  Warrior III pose is also helpful in expanding your chest, shoulders and lungs.

This pose essentially strengthens the muscle that surrounds the back of the spine. It is said to be a great counter pose to all those who target the abdominals. It is very effective in strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, spine and the backs of the arms and legs.

Few other poses you can sequence with main postures mentioned above areDolphin Pose,Floating Triangle Pose and Face down Dog Pose

Don’t feel stressed about doing the whole sequence all together; try working out a few posses into your daily yoga regime. Each back exercise is not for beginner level, hence there always are some pre practice poses. Practicing the mentioned yoga poses one at a time consistently will develop athletic strength to all the core muscles you wish to develop.