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Yoga Poses Hare Pose

Yoga Poses Hare Pose

Introduction: The Hare pose or Shashankasana is a forward bending asana with mild version that calms tensions and nourishes the brain. It is a dynamic practice with the final position acting as a relaxation posture. The Hare pose also known as the Moon pose is very easy to perform and therefore, can be done by anyone irrespective of age.

Type of Level: Hare pose (Shashankasana) falls under the category - beginner’s level. As it is easy to practice, you can follow this pose if you are about to begin your yoga session for the very first time.

How to Perform:

  • Sit with your legs folded backwards, knees & toes together and heels apart
  • Place your hands on the thighs and keep the spinal and neck straight
  • Inhale deep and raise both the hands above your head with the palms facing outward. Keep in mind that the arms should be in line with your shoulders. Also, ensure that an equal distance is kept between the arms
  • Exhale slowly while bending down to touch the floor with your head and hands
  • As soon as your palms and forehead touch the floor, relax. Keep the neck straight between your arms
  • Relax in this position for a while
  • Exhale out and return back to the kneeling position (keep the palms on the knees)
  • Repeat this process 4-7 times

Note: There are several variations of Hare pose or Shashankasana. One method of performing the pose includes placing hands behind the back instead of moving them to the front.

Benefits of Hare Pose (Shashankasana):

  • Relaxes the mind and helps relieve depression
  • Tones the upper body and the pelvic muscles
  • Massages the digestive organs
  • Stretches the back and relieves the backache
  • Helps curing sexual disorders
  • Releases the disc pressure
  • Improves blood circulation in the body
  • Flexes the hips and knees
  • Reduces anger and emotional instability

Best Place to Perform: Choose a well-ventilated and clean place to perform the Hare or Moon pose. Before you begin, make sure the yoga mat is kept on a clean and even surface. The place should also be free from noise.

Precautions While Performing Hare Pose:

  • People with neck or spine injuries should not perform this pose
  • If you are suffering from pain in your hip joint, avoid the Hare pose
  • Hare pose is also not suitable for people having high blood pressure and heart problems
  • Consult your doctor if you have eye pressure problems. Although the pose is beneficial in treating a few eye problems but, better take the doctor’s advice before practicing it.
  • Don’t release your ankles without raising your back.