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Yoga Poses Ease Neck Pain

Yoga Poses Ease Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most troublesome pain people might experience. The common reasons include sitting in same posture for long time, reduced workout and a rough night sleep. Here are some of the yoga poses that help relieve neck pain easily.

The reclining twist yoga pose
Lie on the floor with back straight. Now, lift your right leg slowly and bring it over the left leg. While the left is straight, make sure your right legs forms a 90 degree angle.  Then, stretch the hands sideways and face right. You need to take few breaths while remaining in the pose for 30 minutes. Now, return to the starting position.

The cow yoga pose
Place your shin on the floor and the entire body in table top position.  Also, keep your knees directly below the hip. Also, your elbows and wrist needs to be in line. Your thigh should be perpendicular to the floor.  Stay in the position, inhale and exhale as to put your stomach in towards the floor, lift your head up. Rest and return to starting position.

The cat yoga pose
Exhale and bring your spine towards the ceiling and your head inward. Now, bring your chin towards chest slowly. You feet must face the ceiling and your feet should touch the wall. Now inhale and exhale slowly. You can also combine the pose with the cow pose.

Legs upon the wall yoga pose
Simply lay with your back against the floor and put the legs up against the wall. Make sure you feet face the ceiling and your legs must touch the wall. Open up the arms and keep the palm facing upwards.  Take deep breath for 15 minutes and return to starring position.  This stretches the back of the neck and eases pain.

The corpse yoga pose
Just lie on the floor with your back towards the floor. Keep your entire body, arms and feet straight. Hands must be on the sides with palm upwards. Take deep breathes and maintain the pose for about five minutes.

These are some of the common and effective yoga poses to relief extreme neck pain.  For better results, these must be practiced every day.