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Yoga Poses Core Strengthening

Yoga Poses Core Strengthening

Whatever style of yoga pose you like to do, core strengthening pose is extremely important. Also, a strong core improves your posture and relieves pain. Here are the best yoga pose for you to strengthen core.

Alternate Leg or Arm Pose
Place the wrist lined up with your shoulder and put your knees down.  On inhale extend the right arm forward and your left knee backward. Now, exhale and come back to the starting point. Then, repeat it with the alternate hand and knee. While moving, your core will maintain the balance.  This will target various areas. Repeat the yoga five times on both the sides. Also, try to reach a little further, each time you do it.

Boat Pose
Keep back on the mat. Now, bend your knee and keep feet flat on the floor. Then, lift your legs and torso while resting on sit bones. Make yourself into a V position. Lift arms to shoulder length. Focus on breathing as well as smiling. For higher density, you can slowly lower the legs and shoulders, to crate a low boat.

Four Limbed Staff Pose
Go into a forward fold with palms facing the ground. Now, inhale and jump your feet back into push up position. Then, exhale and slowly lower yourself. Make sure to keep elbows close to the body. When the elbows are parallel to ground, hold the position and stay in the position for 5 breaths. Repeat this for a few times. It will strengthen core and arms.

Side Plank pose
Begin with a downward face pose and move the feet together. Now, keep your right hand in the middle of the mat. Then, slowly roll over to the left side, placing left heel to the ground while keeping right heel over it. Inhale to extend right arm and open up your palms upwards to gaze. In case, you are unstable in the position, you can try a modification of it.

With that being said, these are the four best core strengthening yoga poses everyone needs to try. you can try either one of these yoga exercises or all to get good results.