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Yoga Poses Benefits

Yoga Poses Benefits

Yoga has so many poses that are all capable of helping the body with various health and fitness benefits. Its practice in your daily routine can help you get chronic physical fitness and improved flexibility. Take a look at these Yoga poses and their benefits:


  • It helps to control you respiration aspects.
  • It is capable of ensuring maximum capacity of the lungs through regular practices.
  • Helps to increase blood circulation in the body and also lets you increase your endurance for facilitating other workouts.

ArdhaChandrasana (half-moon stance):

  • Helps to strengthen the hips, abdomen, thighs and waist regions of the body.
  • Good for increasing flexibility in the spine and also helps to edit a bad posture of the body.
  • Regulated the functioning of the kidney, liver, constipation and spleen.
  • Strengthens upper and lower back muscles.

Pada-Hastasana (hands to feet stance):

  • Helps target the hip, waist and thigh area of the body.
  • Improves versatility of spine, hamstrings, calves and glutes.
  • Escalates circulation of blood in the brain and legs.
  • Also, strengthens back muscles.

Utkatasana (awkward stance):

  • Helps to increase the mobility in the hip muscles and flexes.
  • Further helps to increase the strength in lower and upper legs.
  • Increases power in the shoulders, arms and abdomen area also.
  • Helps to prevent arthritis and similar problems by accelerating circulation in the ankle joints and knees.
  • Prevents disorders such as slip discs in the spine.

Garurasana (Eagle Stance):

  • Helps to improve potency in the organs.
  • Increases strength in the calves, abdomen, hips and arms.
  • Flexibility improvement in leg-based joints.
  • Improved back muscles.

Dandayamana Janushirasana (Standing Heat to knee stance):

  • Aids in improving brain functioning, concentration and focus.
  • Helps to gain more patience.
  • Flexibility in the hips and hamstring muscles.
  • Strengthening of thigh and stomach muscles.
  • Back and leg muscles improvement.

Yoga poses might have complicated names but their purpose is to simplify our lifestyle so that we can gain a lot of benefits to improve our health and fitness. Add a few more yoga poses to your lifestyle and you will surely see tremendous improvement in your daily routines.