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Why Yoga Exercises are Wise

Why Yoga Exercises are Wise

One might have bored hearing a dialogue plenty of time, “following an exercise schedule is good for you.”  But it helps you a great in long run? Right amount of daily exercises keeps your energy levels up & even help improve your mood.

Rewards and Benefits

Health fitness experts recommend 60 minutes physical activity each day for the growing teens.  

Mentioned below are reasons of benefits:

  • Exercise is for all body parts, including the mind. Exercising helps the body to produce neuro hormones (endorphins) enzymes which help a person to feel better, more peaceful and happy. Exercise can help in better and sound sleep & even cures mild depression and low self-esteem. Above all exercise can give person to realize sense of accomplishment & pride to achieve a certain goal — like beating an old time in the 200-meter running.
  • Exercising changes people’s physical appearance. People who exercise, burn more calories and look more toned than those not following physical exercises. In fact, it helps in keeping your body weight under ideal levels.
  • Exercise helps in losing weight & lowers the risk of diseases formation. Exercising to maintain a healthy weight decreases a person's risk of getting caught from so many diseases, i.e. type 2 (diabetes) and high blood pressure etc. These diseases, which used to be a adults diseases but now becoming more frequent in teens.
  • Exercise can help in defying the age. This may not seems much important now, but body will gradually show later. Basically women are especially more prone to osteoporosis as they get older. Studies have found that weight-bearing exercise — like jumping, brisk walking, and running can help girls and guys to keep their bones strong.

The 3 components for a well-balanced exercise routine are:

Stretching & strength training, aerobic exercise and flexibility training.

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