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Natural Remedies for Bites

Natural Remedies for Bites

We are everywhere surrounded by creatures, and they are useful assets in the nature but are equally dangerous if disturbed or threatened. No one can predict when we may encounter such situation. Animal bites like that of a canine, rodent, snake or even insect bites are potentially dangerous and should not be taken lightly. One must be aware of precautions because no one knows that when he/she becomes a victim of such situations.


It’s true that animals are innocent, and they attack us either when felt threatened or out of subconscious behavior. Even we humans follow the basic defense mechanism. Unless an animal is infected or the bite is poisonous, we can treat it easily and in a natural way.

Home Remedies

Below are some of the natural remedies for bites to be followed when someone suffers from it:

  • Proper rinsing: Except if is a snake bite, bite from a cat, dog or a monkey leaves deep scars and wounds. It’s highly suggested to rinse the wound with cold water and anti-bacterial soap. This disinfects the wound and prevents it from further contamination. Do not use any kind of chemical agents like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because they will rather damage the tissue linings, and it will take longer time to heal. Later on get a medical check up to decrease the risk of rabies.
  • Herbs: Apply tincture of herbs like Echinacea, Calendula and Astragalus on your tongue in very small amount.
  • Isolation: Cover the wound with a bandage or gauze pad after rinsing. Wounds like this needs to be isolated to prevent it from bacterial infections.
  • Vitamin B: Vitamin B supplements help in fighting infections because they produce anti-bodies in our body.
  • Vitamin C: Intake of Vitamin C rich stuffs can help in fighting infections too.
  • Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis): Except during pregnancy or when one suffering from certain disease, tea made with Goldenseal herb has great antibiotic properties and can be taken in case of dog and cat bites. It can also be directly applied over the affected areas.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is used traditionally to reduce swelling and pain in case of an insect bite like the honeybee, wasp or a scorpion.

Expert tips:

The above guidelines are only to be followed in case of a dog, cat or insect bite. Please note that none of the procedures should be applied in case of a snake bite. It is highly necessary to follow the rules below to withstand snake venom:


  1. Keep the victim completely still. Avoiding movements prevent the venom from spreading faster.
  2. Don’t apply water or ice in case of snake bites and don’t encourage sucking blood from wounds.
  3. Try to identify the snake, as the different venoms work differently. The bite of a cobra releases neurotoxins while that of a viper releases haemo-toxins.
  4. Don’t give any medications. ASV is by far the only alternative which works against snake venom.
  5. Don’t provide caffeine or alcohol products to victim.