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Migraine Diet Chart

Migraine Diet Chart

Around 15% of the people in the world are said to be affected by migraine. The effect is usually chronic lasting from a few hours to even days. The usual cases are triggered because of improper food habits. To avoid it a proper diet plan can help which would help keep the neurovascular disorder to the limited. Consider the below-mentioned diet plan for a healthy, migraine-free lifestyle.


 Whole grain or high-fibre cereal (porridge etc.)or chapatti (3 chapattis)with 200ml milk (skimmed would be preferable). Also add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Or consume at most 200ml    Juice  (Apple preferably)


 Oat meal. Fruits: An apple or a pear. Consume water.


 Whole grain chapatti (3 chapattis) with one sabzi (preferably mixed veg), dal and yoghurt (low fat) to it. Salad with 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds. Consume water.

 Mid-afternoon  meal

 Nuts (Handful of them, mixed)1 fruit: pear, apple or peach. Consume water.

 Evening Meal

 Soya bean (boiled or cooked with little salt), 2 boiled potatoes or basmati rice (boiled with little salt) and yoghurt (low fat).Mixed veg salad. Consume water.


 Whole grain chapattis (2 chapattis) with a mixed veg sabzi and dal1 Fruit: Pear/peach/pear. Consume water.

The best and worst foods for your migraine:
The best ones are the ones that would offer a healthy and energetic day ahead for you. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, and whole grain meals are the best for your migraine-free diet. Caffeine is to be strictly avoided as it directly affects your brain which is quite harmful. High carbohydrate foods are the worst foods for a migraine-free diet, so avoid those too. A high-fibre diet is necessary to avoid such neurovascular conditions. Proper and plenty of healthy fluid intake is also important.

More than 60% cases of migraine have been due to dietary habits which are to be regulated for being safe of this neurological disorder. Though, why and how dietary plans impact on the migraine disorders is still not clear, but it does show result. So, a balanced diet for all meals that you consume can be facilitated.