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Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee

Importance Of Cow’s Pure Ghee In Human Life

Ghee Clarified butter was invented in ancient India and now being used in cooking, traditional medicine and in religious rituals. In today’s time avoiding ghee in daily meal has become a trend. Even doctors advise to avoid ghee even to new mothers, kids and heart patients.  

But Ayurveda says, cow’s pure ghee is beneficial for health. Here are few important facts about cow’s pure ghee.

  • Daily consumption of two spoon of ghee helps us to reduce Vata and Pitta Dosha in our body.
  • According to "CHARAKA SANHITA", consumption of ghee, Helps for good digestion even in plenty of food intakes.
  • After giving birth to a child, Vata Dosha increases in mother’s body which causes obesity, which can be reduced by consuming ghee.
  • Ghee works as lubricant for blockage of heart arteries.
  • In summers ghee helps to control Pitta Dosha.
  • Ghee completes seven bodily tissues (Sapt dhatu).
  • Ghee intake with cereal (Daal) helps in avoiding formation of gas in body.
  • Never eat Vanaspati ghee it increases Pitta dosha and it helps to increase bad cholesterol in body.
  • Home-made ghee is beneficial for health.