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Migraine Problem

Migraine Problem


The hectic schedule of the present scenario leaves us no time or to option to indulge in the open air physical exercises. Probably this is the very reason why different kinds of health problems are creeping up. One of the common problems, which are generally faced by 1 in 4, is the problem of migraine, which creates havoc in life. In order to curb it and also to prevent, this it is utmost important to resort to exercises, which are beneficial in reducing and getting relief from this problem.

Exercise inevitably helps in maintaining wellbeing without causing any potential harm. However, exercises are designed in a particular fashion, which needs to be strictly adhered to. A simple mistake can go a long way to creating a permanent damage to the body. Hence, taking advice from a professionally trained expert is deemed necessary to ensure that the right set of exercise is being taken up for the right kind of problem. Professional help also goes a long way to ensure that the exercise is being performed aptly so that it brings about benefits and does not hamper the body in any way especially when problems such as migraine is concerned.

Hence, it is vital to indulge in physical activities only after proper consultation with professional experts, who have ample knowledge and experience in treating these with ease.

Before plunging into details let us find out what are migraine and its causes.

What is Migraine?

Migraine is a persistent headache which exists for about 2 to 72 hours and is often accompanied with a different kind of pain sensation. Migraines are classified under neurological diseases and are usually recognized by the symptoms of head drilling, which may or may not be accompanied with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity towards light or sound. Sometimes an aura follows it which is clear indication of migraine.

Causes of migraine

There are various causes of migraine, which can be related to psychological problems, genetics, and environmental factors. Some of the obvious causes of Migraine are as follows:

  • Genetics- This is usually a rare case, but a genetic disorder is sometimes the cause of migraine. It may so happen that it gets transmitted chronologically from ancestors. There is usually a genetic decode, which is disrupted and is the reason behind migraine attacks
  • Environmental factors and triggers- Many a times, some or the other kinds of environmental factors such as intense sunlight, loud noise or others can act like triggers to increase the headache by a significant amount leading to migraine.
  • Physiological parameters- Parameters such as stress, tiredness and fatigue are some of the primary reasons, which cause migraines. These imbalances the body metabolism as a whole and are responsible for building up migraine. It is also effected by hormonal balance and many women face migraines during the period of menstruation.
  • Poor diet- A poor diet lacking nutritious content is one of the basic factors of migraines and headache. In the modern times, this is the basic cause since people tend to indulge in junk foods.

Some exercises, which can prevent or lower the effect of migraine:

Migraine can be treated effectively by practicing some specific exercises. Here is a list of them, which can be really helpful in the long run

  • Simple cardiovascular exercise such as walking, cyclic and swimming can help a lot to relieve and prevent migraine attacks.
  • Indulge in relaxation techniques such as yoga and medication for a few minutes every day. Relaxation reduces the stress piled up, which helps to prevent migraine.
  • Build up a sleeping pattern- A regular and stringent sleeping pattern can also go a long way in solving the problem of migraine. Develop a habit of strictly going to bed at a particular time and getting up on time so solve this problem.
  • Physical therapies such as massage and acupuncture can be beneficial in the long run.


  • During migraine, do not indulge in severe workouts such as kickboxing or rigorous running, which may have a negative impact.
  • Ensure that all the exercise are proper and take recommendation from instructors and experts as and when deemed necessary.
  • Do not forcefully stress the body. Exercise only till comfort levels.

Consult us for expert advice:

Pioneers in the field of health and fitness training with over 20 years of rich experience, you can contact us for exercise techniques and dietary plan. Our professionally trained resources can help you out with all kinds of problems.

Some common signs of Migraine

The sensation of migraine pain is felt like a throbbing pain in the head. The person may suffer from acute headache and it can be often followed by vomiting or nausea. The severe pain in the head is resulted due to sudden enlargement of the blood vessels located in the brain. Most of the migraine attacks get bigger with increasing age.

Common signs of migraine

  • Aura- Some of the people may feel the sensation of aura of migraine. The problem of aura causes visual dizziness and the eyes get affected by flashing lights or spots. When the person looks into a jagged line, he may feel a tendency of moving in a curve or rotating round the circle. The aura lasts for near about 10 minutes to 60 minutes. The effects of aura may end up causing severe migraine attack.
  • Feeling of sudden irritability or mental depression-Mood swings can be one of the most common symptoms of migraine. The person may feel with a sensation of mental depression and can become angry, in account of small or minute issues. Based on several researches, it has been found that a person suffering from migraine problems have an increased probability of suffering from severe depression caused out of chronic migraine disease.

Sleeping disorder- Having sleep disorder can be an early signs of migraine. The person may not be able to sleep and the lack of sleeping may increase the intensity of migraine pains. Moreover, when the migraine headache starts the person may not be able to have a good quality sleep. The sleep disorder is also termed as ‘Insomnia’ and it has been observed that sleep deprivation can also trigger sudden migraine attacks.

  • Stuffy nose or watery eyes- Some of the migraine patients do suffer from the tendency of stuffy nose or watery eyes. The person breathes with a heavy hissing sound and the eyes often turns red, watery and seems to undergone some allergic reactions.

With proper information of these signs and common symptoms of Migraine, it may help people to identify their disease and visit a doctor for further migraine treatment.

10 common problems make you feel migraine disease

People suffering from migraine issues have to face terrible health problems. Some of the common symptoms of Migraine includes:--

  1. Pain- The most common symptom among the patients are headache or intense throbbing pain in the head. The pain gets distributed all round the head, back of the head and around the eyes.
  2. Visual disorders- Many people suffer from vision imparity like appearance of haphazard patterns or a dark spot in their vision.
  3. Stomach problems- The symptoms of Migraine may also include terrible stomach disorders and can further lead to cause Diarrhea.
  4. Nausea or vomiting- The symptoms of vomiting or sensation of nausea is very common occurrence in migraine patients.
  5. Vertigo or double vision- This type of vision disorder is also known as basilar or eye migraine, where the vision gets harshly affected. It may cause vision imparities like dizziness, loss of vision or double vision.
  6. Cold hands and feet- During a migraine attack, the hands and feet may turn cold and the body may shiver out of coldness. The temperature of the body gradually drops down with migraine attacks.
  7. Sensitive to light or sound- The patient’s eye may become terrible sensitive to bright lights or harsh sounds. Keeping the eyes closed in a dark room can be one of the preventive cures of Migraine.
  8. Eye pain- The pain of migraine often spreads to all around your eyes. It causes terrible eye strain and your eyes may become watery.
  9. Neck Pain- Among majority of patients, they seem to experience terrible stiffness I their neck, which causes acute pain. This can be caused in the early stages of your migraine.
  1. Frequent Urination- Frequent urination can be one of the early symptoms of your migraine problem.

Hence, with adequate knowledge about all these early signs and symptoms of Migraine, people could get to know about the oncoming of the harmful disease. It will help the patients to be aware of the disease and visit the doctor in their early stage of Migraine. Proper treatment along with herbal products will help to cure their intense pain and prevent it from turning into a bad shape.

Are Depression and Migraine inter-related with each other?

Suffering from intense migraine pain can turn the patient tensed and the sufferer goes into a state of mental asylum. The feeling of depression surrounds the person’s life and he could not find the way out, to resist such terrible pain. Most of the migraine patients are more likely to develop the problem of clinical depression.

According to clinical researches, migraine and depression are closely inter-related with each other. Suffering from intense pain makes the sufferer extremely depresses and he hides in some dark, quiet place, to get relief from his problems. On the other hand, excessive stress or depression can also increase the risk of migraine attacks. Hence, both migraine and depression can be linked with each other effectively.

Many scientists believe that though both the problems may have different causes but are connected with a similar neurobiology. In earlier days, doctor felt that the cause of depression was lack of healthy life, led by a migraine patient and his psychological condition was harshly affected. But later on, they realized that it was not completely based upon the intense pain but had some biological connections too.

The most important point, a migraine sufferer has to remember is his possible use of medication. They need to carefully choose their medicines for depression as well as migraine pain. Studies or clinical researches have proven that combination of migraine medication triptans with depression medications SNRIs (serotonin) can also cause serotonin syndrome.

The problem of Serotonin syndrome is basically caused due to excessive intake of serotonin, which can have harmful effects to the body. Although smaller amounts of serotonin can help in mood regulation and re-energizes the body to perform various essential activities, but excess amounts can have harmful effects too. Some of the harmful effects of Serotonin consumption includes:--

  • Sudden rise in body temperature
  • Rapid fluctuations of blood pressure level
  • Increased heart pumping rate
  • Stomach disorders
  • Hallucinations or dizziness
  • Vomiting

Hence, it is advised to consult with an experienced medical practitioner and take medications properly. By following those suggested health and fitness tips, the sufferer may eventually get rid of both depression and migraine pain.

Are genetics responsible for Migraine pain?

People suffering with migraine pains have problems with their normal activities like sleeping, concentrating or listening to loud music. Extreme headache can caused due to intense sensitivity of sound or light. The pain affects all portions of your head including back of the head and around the eyes. Migraine sufferers are also seemed to have symptoms of nausea, dizziness, depression and vomiting. The pain can last for many days and harshly affect the health condition of the person.

There are many factors, which are associated to induce the disease of Migraine in human beings. One of such vital factors includes genetics. The genes of the person can be one of the determining factors of the disease. If one of the family members has migraine problem, the probability of disease increases to other family members.

Genetics to cause Migraine

There is a strong hereditary connection between migraine patients. Most of the sufferers have a family background or history of the disease. But mostly young or aged people are seemed to get affected by the genetic factors. The disease of migraine tends to pass among the genes or family members. Migraine can be suffered by people whose ages range between 16 and 55 years. It has been also observed that women suffer more with the disease than men.

arious researches have also concluded that migraine is caused due to chemical reactions occurring in the human body. However, genetics play a major part to cause the disease. It has been observed that hereditary genes can affect the blood pressure or other functioning processes to induce stress and can effectively cause Migraine.

Apparently, the inheritance of malfunctioning genes from a migraine sufferer, can affect the brain functioning. The brainstem becomes sensitive to stimuli, gets hyper excited to the stimuli reaction and the pain gets triggered automatically. The brain suffers from sudden storm of neural reactions and the neurotransmitters get exaggerated. As a result, the normal functioning or activity of the brain cells gets hampered and the risk of Migraine pain is maximized.

The attacks of Migraine pain are curable, and with proper care, the disease can definitely be defeated. Migraine sufferers can also follow some strict fitness plans, to get rid of their problems naturally

Different Ways of using Acupressure Points for treatment of Migraine Headaches

The traditional Chinese method of treating migraine headache with acupressure points has become immensely popular among the migraine patients. The points are located around different areas of the body. Applying pressure to those specific points can aid in getting relief from acute headache caused due to Migraine. This traditional method of acupuncture is also used to cure various physical disorders of the human body.

The method of acupuncture treatment is very natural process and implied by pressing on the specific points of the body. It is an alternative method to various surgical procedures and has minimal risks of side effects. The process works by the stimulation of specific pressure points of the body also termed as "moves stagnant chi" in Chinese. According to modern science, the technique increases the flow of blood in the body and works to heal the disorder effectively. It also aids in muscle relaxation and reduces body pain or symptoms of inflammation.

How the method Acupressure Points is used in the treatment of Migraine Headaches?

The natural migraine relief technique offered by acupressure points can be applied by simple rubbing and pressing the specific points on the region of head, feet and palms. It effectively cures acute headache, caused due to the problem of Migraine. Whether you are suffering from mild or chronic pains, acupressure can bring helpful cure to your problems.

Complete process of acupuncture

  • At first, the therapist locates the specific point with the fingers or thumbs, until it brings relief from your extreme pain. Then he rubs the specific point for near about 2-3 minutes in circular movements. Then he gently presses the point for 1-2 minutes. The complete process can be repeated for 2-3 times a day, to bring quick relief from your problem.
  • By applying pressure the flow of blood gets enhanced and it stimulates the metabolic processes of the body. But do not apply excessive pressure at the same point. It is greatly advised to visit a reputed acupuncturist and get all the detailed information.

Through the complete information of acupuncture treatment, one can get a quick relief from migraine pain.


How doctors use the Greater Occipital Nerve in Treatment of migraine?

Occipital nerves are present in your neck vertebrae beneath your scalp. These nerves are responsible for your vision and recognition aspects such as-colour, space, words etc. the people who frequently face a migraine might feel tenderness in this region where the occipital nerves are present.

Why do you feel migraine and how can blocking of the greater occipital nerve help you?

You must already be knowing that pain occurs due to signals transferred by the brain through the nerves. The pain during a migraine also occurs due to such signals. And these signals are transferred through the greater occipital nerve. So medical experts have come up with a treatment procedure which involves blocking of the GON so that the signals carrying the pain can be stopped.

How is the procedure carried out?

A skilled doctor will carefully locates the tender area behind a patient’s skull just above the spine. After locating the area, it is cleaned with a swag and is then injected with a needle. To avoid pain, anaesthetic accompanied with corticosteroids is also injected inside. This steroid helps to block the greater occipital nerve from transferring any pain messages which cause migraine. So, the procedure does not require much time as it is just an injection process.

Benefits of GON blocking treatment for migraine:

The procedure only takes a few minutes of time to be carried out. This is because, the nerves are present outside the skull so there is no need for an eccentric surgery. It is not that painful either. Furthermore, there are little side effects due to this procedure. However, doctors usually advise patients to avoid physical activity such as driving or working for at least 24 hours.

It is to be noted that the treatment for migraine by the use of greater occipital nerve is not a permanent treatment. It can give pain relief for a few months after which patients can go for another injection to help prevent a migraine. Patients can also consult with doctors for fitness products to help them retain a migraine free life for a long period.


How Sleep and Migraine form an Unwilling Relation with each other?

There is a very close relation between sleep and migraine. However, it is likely to deliver a counter-productive experience. Unless you have a balanced approach in your sleeping patterns, you might face headaches or migraines. Unfavourable conditions such as lack of sleep, jet lag, and oversleeping lead to migraine. Experts say that a migraine usually a condition when the body tries to compensate for all the unfavourable activities experienced by the body. So, deprivation of sleep and others health problems can lead to migraine.

Method to prevent a migraine through a capable sleep pattern:

For now, you know that sleep leads to migraine. So, there is a need for a favourable time table to have enough sleep in your daily routine. This is referred to as maintaining a hygienic sleep pattern. And to formulate it you can use the following tips.

  • Fix a sleeping schedule where you should sleep and get up at a regulated time. Be disciplined with this sleeping and getting up routine so that your body can adjust to a healthy sleeping habit.
  • Make sure you sleep enough to compensate for all the hard work of the day. Sleep for 6 to 8 hours depending upon your needs and time table adjustments.
  • Always have enough time within the light during the daytime. Do not stay inside all day while you are awake. This can clog your mind and make you monotonous.
  • Similarly, when you sleep, make sure that you have a dark, but ventilated room. A night light would be fine, it should not disturb you with its direct light.
  • Try not using your bed for other activities such as working, watching movies or reading. Beds are meant for sleeping, period.
  • Do not consume caffeinated drinks before going to bed. It would only make you stay awake for more hours leading to a disturbed sleeping pattern.

Getting up and exercising can also help you stay fresh. So, include that in your daily routine, as well. You can buy fitness products online to help you with the daily workout so that you can maintain your health and reduce chances of migraine, etc.

How to cure your Migraine with Visualization and Breathing?

There are various techniques to cure the acute problem of Migraine pain. Without proper treatment the pain will start to excruciate day by day and can even trigger major Migraine attack. The attack can even lead to paralysis of body parts and can cause huge problems. The techniques of breathing exercises and visualization have been considered very effective for migraine patients. In this article, we are discussing about the two most effective techniques, to cure your migraine pain and how it can aid in bringing relief from the intense pain

Breathing exercises to cure Migraine

The technique of breathing exercise helps to regulate the flow of blood in the human body. With increasing pain, the supply of oxygen into the bloodstream is lowered and it can increase your pain levels. The breathing technique helps in supplying oxygen to the brain and head, which aids to get relief from the acute pain. Practicing regular breathing exercises will not only cure the pain, but also helps to relax your nerves and body muscles. It reduces problems of anxiety disorders and thus intensifies the intense pain. People should know the proper technique of breathing exercises and keep their acute pain under control. Learning simple breathing exercises or yoga asana ‘Pranayama’ can be the best natural treatment to get rid of migraines.

Visualization to cure migraines

Visualization helps in the relaxation of the body and increases the flow of blood to the head and brain. The technique of visualization also helps the patients to get relief from stress disorders, lack of sleep, anxiety issues or feeling of depression or irritability.

One of the popular visualization technique used by many therapists include thinking or concentrating on a particular color. Every human being has to choose one color that can keep his mind calm and relaxed. Thinking about that color in the mind, will help the person to attain eternal relaxation and stay away from stress and tension. The problem of sleep deprivation can also be cured by the technique of visualization.

Thus, both the techniques work equally well for chronic migraines.

How to Prevent Migraine in 7 Steps

At least 3 out of 4 people suffer from migraine and in most cases they are women.  But there are some of the natural ways you can get rid of migraine headaches easily.  These remedies are not gender specific and so both men and women can try these.  Here are some of the steps.

Drink lots of water

The most important step is to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated will reduce the chance of migraine headaches since dehydration is a big cause of migraine.

Drink caffeine rich drinks

Caffeine works like a double edged sword. It can both hinder and help with migraine.  Since caffeine restricts the blood vessels, it will lessen the pain. But if used excessively, it can also trigger severe migraine headaches. So, the quantity is really important.

Tying headband around head

Another easy thing to do is simply tying a headband around the head. This will ease the pain and provide comfort.  Even though there is no scientific reason for this, but numerous people claims this procedure to work.

Eat garlic or ginger capsule

Even though this is one of the common natural remedies to ease migraine pain, no one actually knows how this works.

Apply peppermint oil

Applying peppermint oil on the temple soothes the headache.  All you need to do is simply apply it on the parts of the head that hurts and you are good to go.  Apart from this, you can also sniff peppermint and this gives good results.

Rubbing temples with fingers

Apart from using any herbs, you can simply rub your temples with your fingers.  Even though there’s no reason for this, but it works. After all, you can try out whatever feels good.

Get full body massage

Often getting whole body massage helps too. This is because it works like stress relief and so it helps.  Some studies show that people taking six massages a week suffer less from migraine headaches.

How to skilfully organise medication for Migraine?

You should always organise your medications for preventive measures. For a migraine also, managing your medications is prudent. It helps you to stay disciplined when taking your medicines at various intervals.

To help you in such situations you can check out these steps for organising them.

  • Carefully organise your medicines according to their preference:

This step would require you to keep the medicines which you need on a daily basis away from the ones which are required to be taken at times of emergencies. Also make sure that you keep these medicines within their original packets and containers to avoid confusion.

  • Organise everything in a spacious plastic box with a tight lid:

Keep all your medicines within this box carefully so that they do not get damaged. Also, make sure to name this box with the word migraine on it so that you can easily find it when needed.

  • Manage your prescription chart:

Usually, the prescription written by the doctors is not that well written. You can prepare the prescription chart in your own handwriting so that it can be easily understood. You might require help from your doctor to write it down perfectly. Thus, do not hesitate to consult with him or her.

  • Preserve your prescription chart:

You can do this by getting your chart laminated so that it can prevented from wearing of. Also, it would be prudent to keep the chart inside the box containing your medications for easy viewing.

  • Manage your medications:

Surely, these medicines will not last for a longer period and you would frequently require refills. So, make sure that you approach the pharmacist for the correct refills needed for your migraine medication. Also, keep track of the dates on which these refills are purchased. It helps you stay disciplined with your medications.

  • Set reminders for taking the medicines:

If you frequently forget taking your migraine medications, then you should always set an alarm to help you remember it.

Besides the medications, your physical fitness and health also come into play for the fruitful lifestyle. So, make sure that you keep up with that, as well.

How to Treat Migraine induced Nausea and Vomiting?

The unpleasant sensation of vomiting and nausea can harshly affect the health condition of a migraine patient. The problem of vomiting is generally caused due to stomach disorder or improper digestion. But some of the other reasons behind nausea and vomiting include stress, anxiety, sudden shock or migraine pain. Disorder in vision like dizziness or motion sickness can often induce the risk of nausea or vomiting in many patients. Nausea is often seemed to occur in pregnant women and they suffer from intense fatigue.

How to prevent nausea and vomiting?

  • To avoid the problems of nausea or vomiting, you need to eat and chew your food slowly. The digestion capability of your stomach is enhanced through proper chewing habits.
  • Try to stay away from high intensity light or sound, which can increase the sensation of dizziness in the body and can end up causing vomiting.
  • Maintain the hygiene prospects and keep your surrounding clean. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and try to avoid risks of any stomach disease or infection. By following ahealthy diet plan, the sufferer can eliminate the chances of vomiting or nausea.
  • Practice light exercising techniques, like breathing exercises or yoga, to reduce the symptoms of intense headache and minimizing the chances of nausea. To protect yourself from the problems of nausea in stressful situations, practice some breathing exercises or relaxation exercises, to attain peace and get complete control of your mind and body.

How to treat nausea and vomiting?

  • Drink plentiful amount of water, to reduce the problem of improper digestion and avoid repeated bouts of vomiting.
  • Eat fresh fruit and green vegetables to maintain the nutritional balance of the body and keep your body healthy.
  • To replace lost salts of the body, drink normal salt water to induce hydration.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, as it increases the risk of dehydration and irritate the stomach.

The problem of nausea and vomiting is completely manageable and curable. If a migraine sufferer pays kind attention to some fitness exercises and the effective treatment procedures, he can stay away from the problems very effectively.


How to treat Migraine with Natural Remedies?

A lot of natural remedies can help you prevent a headache. But, that does not mean that they are totally safe. This usually occurs because of unknown allergies which you might not know about. So, take a look at these healthy remedies to offer you a natural relief from migraine.

  • Feverfew:

This herbal product can be added to your tea or be eaten with your meal. You can also consume it as a medicine. It does not lead to much side effects except soreness in your tongue, ulcers and sometimes digestive issues. But, it has been used as a natural remedy for treatment of migraine if consumed for a short-term. Besides feverfew, there are many other Ayurvedic herbs to help you reduce your headaches.

  • Tea:

This remarkable product has also been used for ages providing mental relief and comfort. It has therefore been used for reducing migraine and similar problems. There are a variety of tea products available to choose from. So, you can consume this dynamic herbal product for a healthy lifestyle.

  • lmonds:

Almonds have been known to comprise of various chemicals that help in relieving headaches and migraine. They also improve mental power giving you a healthy mind. 4 to 5 almonds in a day can be greatly beneficial.

  • Aromatherapy:

This therapy is based upon inhaling of a soothing aroma that can be found in essential oils etc. the odour from such oils can greatly stimulate the mind – hence, suppressing migraine. Many fitness centres provide with aromatherapy. So you can approach them for such therapies

The use of natural remedies provides the unique benefit with no or little side effects as compared to other medicines. Besides the above mentioned remedies, you can find many other prudent ones to suit you. Most of these have been used for many centuries which clearly infer the benefits they are capable of providing you. The best thing about them is that a majority of them are easily facilitated in your house without the need of visiting doctors or clinics. That is why such remedies should be preferred rather than allopathic medicines.

For professional help, you can consult our fitness experts!

What are the different ways to Reduce Migraine Symptoms Naturally?

The disease of Migraine is basically classified to be a chronic neurological that causes problems of severe headache and nausea. There are numerous traditional as well as scientific methods, which are used for migraine treatment. Various health disorders caused out of Migraine can be effectively cured by this natural treatment methods. From the use of herbal health products, weight loss exercises, acupuncture techniques and various non pharmaceutical methods can be successfully applied for the treatment procedure. There are various causes to trigger migraine:-

  • Excessive mental stress
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Moving in random motions

Natural ways to treat Migraine

  • Use of herbal supplements can cure the problem of nausea or vomiting caused out of Migraine. These herbal extracts have minimal side effects and effectively reduce the symptoms of migraine headache. Usage of chemical or pharmaceutical drugs can hamper the healthy lifestyle of the patient. But the herbal supplements have positive impact on patient’s health and mind. Extracts from various herbal plants like cannabis and butterbur are great for Migraine. Proper dosage of herbal supplements at the stage of pre-migraine symptoms like aura or sight dizziness can avoid the growth of the disease. Supplements from vital nutrients like essential Vitamins or Omega 3 fatty acids can be used in natural migraine treatment.

Effective natural therapies like aromatherapy and acupuncture are widely used for migraine treatment naturally. The traditional Chinese method known as Acupuncture, involves use of solid needles, which are inserted at specific points of the body, to offer adequate relief from intense pain. Acupuncture treats migraine pain, by stimulating the blood circulation in the body and rectifying all hormonal imbalances. In Aromatherapy treatment, natural or herbal oils are used for body massaging. Application of natural oils to various parts of the body increase blood circulation and treats the migraine pain. Moreover, aromatherapy cures the breathing processes, which can cure the problems of the disease.

Apart from all these natural methods, there are some non-pharmaceutical methods like light exercise for body fitness and diet control, which can bring relief from severe migraine pain. Proper knowledge of these natural treatment procedures can help a migraine patient, to get proper relief.


Migraine – Common Problems and Diet Chart

Around 15% of the people in the world are said to be affected by migraine. The effect is usually chronic lasting from a few hours to even days. The usual cases are triggered because of improper food habits. To avoid it a proper diet plan can help which would help keep the neurovascular disorder to the limited. Consider the below-mentioned diet plan for a healthy, migraine-free lifestyle.


Whole grain or high-fibre cereal (porridge etc.)or chapatti (3 chapattis)with 200ml milk (skimmed would be preferable). Also add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Or consume at most 200ml Juice (Apple preferably)


Oat meal. Fruits: An apple or a pear. Consume water.


Whole grain chapatti (3 chapattis) with one sabzi (preferably mixed veg), dal and yoghurt (low fat) to it. Salad with 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds. Consume water.

Mid-afternoon meal

Nuts (Handful of them, mixed)1 fruit: pear, apple or peach. Consume water.

Evening Meal

Soya bean (boiled or cooked with little salt), 2 boiled potatoes or basmati rice (boiled with little salt) and yoghurt (low fat).Mixed veg salad. Consume water.


Whole grain chapattis (2 chapattis) with a mixed veg sabzi and dal1 Fruit: Pear/peach/pear. Consume water.

The best and worst foods for your migraine:
The best ones are the ones that would offer a healthy and energetic day ahead for you. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, and whole grain meals are the best for your migraine-free diet. Caffeine is to be strictly avoided as it directly affects your brain which is quite harmful. High carbohydrate foods are the worst foods for a migraine-free diet, so avoid those too. A high-fibre diet is necessary to avoid such neurovascular conditions. Proper and plenty of healthy fluid intake is also important.

More than 60% cases of migraine have been due to dietary habits which are to be regulated for being safe of this neurological disorder. Though, why and how dietary plans impact on the migraine disorders is still not clear, but it does show result. So, a balanced diet for all meals that you consume can be facilitated.