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Heart Problems

Heart Problems

Heart Diseases

Veggies and Heart Diseases

The ancient way of living and methods like yoga and herbal medicines have proved to be very effective for your health and fitness. However if you don’t believe in the ancient knowledge, a study done by the University of Oxford suggested that vegetarian diet can reduce the chances of diseases like diabetes, high or low blood pressure and also life-threatening cardiovascular diseases, by one-third.

The Study

The study was conducted by observing large number of individuals for a long period of time. The conclusion was simply that vegetarians maintained a low level of cholesterol and blood pressure, which in turn results in fewer chances of heart diseases in the vegetarian diet eating individuals.

Compared to the non-vegetarian diet that are harder to digest the vegetarian simple foods prove to be more healthy and low in total fats. At the end of the study, it was concluded that vegetarians had fewer chances of acquiring the following health problems.

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Some forms of cancer, and
  • Heart Diseases

Coronary Heart Diseases have been recorded to kill more individuals than that by cancer, around the world. Hence, it is important to understand and implement vegetarian diet, as it is said to decrease the chances of heart diseases by a vast 30%.

The Application

It is very well understood that the dietary habits can’t be changed suddenly and a complete vegetarian diet can be an effort to maintain. However, all you need to do is decrease the fat intake and increase the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed, by a margin. You can implement simple methods like introducing herbal supplements, eating more green salads before meals, enjoying a fresh juice twice a day or simply eating some fruits. Green leafy vegetables that are very rich in nitrates prove to be good for health and heart as well.

Hence, the benefits of a vegetarian diet can be achieved by just increasing the vegetable and fruit intake in your everyday diet. Decrease the meat and fish diet by a margin and replace them with green salads and fruits, and live a stress-free life. These simple changes can easily make sure that your heart remains strong and working.


Boosted Uric Acid Might Lead to Death Due to Heart Diseases

Uric acid has been known to be one of the reasons for a number of diseases in the body. These are obesity, renal disease and also lack of tolerance for glucose. But, recent studies have shown that higher uric acid might also be a leading factor behind deaths linked to coronary diseases.

Greater Cardiovascular risks due to Serum uric acid:

Studies have also predicted that the health problem is more prominent in women than in men. For this, researcher experimented by dividing 4 groups with varying uric acid levels to understand how it affected them. The results showed that women who had the maximum uric acid levels in them had 3 times more chances of dying due to heart diseases than others. This also depended on age factors which was widely seen in middle aged people. So, the ones aged between 40 to 50 years were more likely to die of the coronary diseases.


Why it leads to such fatal conditions?

Serum uric acid had therefore been inferred to be a cause for cardiovascular issues in men and women. This acid led to increase in unregulated cholesterol levels in the body with really high blood pressure. Cholesterol being one of the major causes of strokes etc. clearly states that high amounts of uric acid in the body could lead to heart attacks.

Surely, uric acid is one of the by-products that is produced in the body. It does get filtered and removed through urine in the body. But, when its levels increase more than the usual numbers, such cholesterol levels tend to rise leading to fatal conditions. The increase in its levels is depends upon a lot of factors such as-

  • Body structure
  • Function of kidney
  • Intake of alcohol in diet plans
  • Blood pressure

Due to such factors, uric acid increase in the body can cause other problems such as – kidney failure, obesity, diabetes, etc. Other recent predictions suggest that the increased levels might also be due to resistance from insulin in the body. So, a lot of factors are responsible for its increase in the body. Consult your doctor today so that you can regulate this problem by taking up herbal remedies, etc.

Decrease in Vitamin C Levels Lead To Greater Heart Risks Are You Taking Your Doses

Vitamins are one of the many nutrients that are needed for staying healthy. Among these, Vitamin C has been considered to be one of the primary ones. It has been used for treating many diseases such as cancer, polio, etc., which is due to the presence of Ascorbic acid in it. So, it should not startle you if you hear about lack of Vitamin C being a cause behind more risks of heart problems. Even a recent study performed by many practitioners and researchers has come up with this conclusion.

Regulate your cardiovascular diseases with Vitamin C:

A lot of fruits contain this natural supplement helping you in keeping you away from many diseases and illnesses. While reading in children’s science books, you might have seen the deficiency of Vitamin C leading to Scurvy. However, the recent medical research has predicted its decrease in body being linked to heart problems. So, people who eat lots of fruits have a better tendency to prevent heart illnesses.

This is also due to the presence of antioxidants in the fruits which help to reduce oxidation of lipoproteins in the body which, otherwise, would have led to cardiovascular diseases. So, consumption of fruits is a major factor to reduce these risks.Researches also predicted that increased Vitamin C doses to a certain level led to 42% lower chances of a stroke.

Sources of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C has to be consumed from external sources which is why food sources rich in this supplement should be taken. There are so many options for this source that you would be able to choose as per your convenience.

Vitamin C can be found in:

  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, etc.
  • Skin of potatoes
  • Berries
  • Raw spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Melons and water melons
  • Green vegetables

Even if you do not find certain fruits delectable, you can always buy supplements online which are rich in Vitamin C etc. Adding fruits and supplements to your diet plans can help you stay away from many such diseases for sure.


Depression increases heart disease chance, even after treatment

Depression is one of those health conditions that not only affect the mind, but also the entire body. Due to this reason, it is clinked with several heart diseases including heart attack and stroke. But that’s not all, it has been seen that depression, even after treatment can give rise to more than one cardiovascular diseases. According to several researches, depression was linked to about 5 percent of several heart diseases.  In fact, moderate to severe depression has been linked to about a 40 percent rise in heart diseases. These results are definitely worth paying attention to.  Along with this, it is seen that there is a deep relationship between heart diseases and depression. Performing physical fitness exercises also helps avoid these health issues.

How is depression linked with heart disease?

The researches show how depression can affect a person’s interest in several activities. These include quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising and eating well, all of which contributes to heart disease.  In the light of these researches scientists concluded depression-heart risk relation was still very strong, even after depression is treated. Even though depression is curable in most cases it becomes a cause of heart disease, even after the treatment. There are several articles on fitness for you to read, online.

What connects the brain and heart?

According to one of the theories, depression increases the hormone levels, which can lead to some form of inflammation, over the time. This is one of the well-known reasons for heart diseases. Along with this, the stress hormones also induces atherosclerosis and inflammation, both of these accelerate heart diseases.

Other mechanisms at play

Existing problem in the function of stress response could also underline both heart disease and depression.  In most cases depression gets cured, but still poses a threat to the heart.  Sometimes the genetic factors come into play which gives rise to the heart diseases, even after a person gets cured from depression.

The overall verdict

The relationship between depression and heart disease is not very clear. There are several studies being conducted to identify how depression causes heart disease.  So, for now, it is not right to consider depression as the causing factor for heart disease, but a connecting factor.  Since staying healthy is just the condition to avoid both, having a gym membership is what you need.


Have You Thought of Taking Aspirin to Lower Risks of Heart Disease

If you think of taking an Aspirin a day, then better think again. While many take it to lower their heart diseases and similar health issues today, Aspirin might not be the best of medical supplements for your health and fitness.

What Aspirin is known to do for you?

Aspirin has been consumed by many to help prevent inflammation and heart attacks. Many medical doctors might also prescribe you to take one daily, which is why a lot of people do take it for keeping their heart diseases and headaches low. And, it also seems reasonable as many people have to face a lot of stress on a daily basis. However, medical research has recently monitored that Aspirin taken by the wrong kind might lead to higher heart risks. It is also known to help reduce cancer.

Side effects of Aspirin:

While Aspirin does have its benefits, there are side effects too. Aspirin intake can also lead to interior bleeding and ulcers which are not worth risking for sure. That is why, doctors prescribe it in low doses. However, low doses are also not that prudent which is based upon the current predictions by researchers.

Who should not take an Aspirin?

To make sure that you are not affected by its administration, you must know whether you are fit to take it or not. First thing you should understand is that an Aspirin is not meant for all. There might be some who should never take it, while there are some who should consume it. The best way to know whether you should take one is by knowing learning about its effects on your body. These effects should be able to tell more than just the usual stomach bleeding and ulcer effects seen by most Aspirin consumers.

If you are able to understand the risks that this medicine is capable of, then it gets a lot easier to understand whether you should take your chances for consuming it or not. Help through medical experts can guide you to know your Aspirin intake capacity for sure.


Heart Problems Causes and Solutions

The stressful life of today platters a range of problems with heart issues taking the very first slot. It then becomes inevitable to resort to physical activities, which can bring about long term results.

Physical exercises increase the overall blood circulation, and hence are very useful to the body in each and every way. However, a single wrong move can hamper the entire regime causing problems in the heart. Hence, utter care needs to be taken.

In such a scenario, it is imperative to look for professional instructors, who can vouch for such moves and help to get a proper fit body.

Read on to know more about heart problems, causes and remedies.

What do you mean by heart problems?

Any kind of issue or problem, which arises from when the heart is disturbed in one way or the other, is referred to as heart problems. It may be of various kinds, which may depend on the functioning of the heart, pumping of blood or other issues, which are directly or indirectly related to heart. Heart problems are very dangerous in nature and require urgent and immediate attention.

Causes of heart problems

There are various causes, which may factor for the heart problems of various kinds. Some may be hereditary in nature while others may arise due to stress and other living patterns of a person. However, the major causes of heart problems are:

  • Blood pressure levels- Increase or decrease of blood pressure is one of the major causes of heart problems. This is generally caused due to stress and anxiety built up.
  • Caffeine consumption- Consuming caffeine in large amounts can be a cause for heart problems since caffeine is not very good for the body.
  • Alcohol and smoking- Large amounts of alcohol when get absorbed in the blood, it can prove to be harmful. All the more smoking damages the lungs and indirectly affects the functioning of the heart.
  • Congenital heart defects, which are due to the genetic code problems, may be a factor.
  • A stressful life with no parameters of relaxation is also a major cause for heart problems.

Exercise for the heart problem

There are certain exercises, which help to boost the level of circulation in the heart making it a stronger organ. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cardio activities such as walking, biking or slow jogging are very helpful to the body. They increase the blood circulation to the heart and also ensures large intake of oxygen to the body. It also helps to reduce the cholesterol and sugar levels in the body.
  • Stretching exercises can be done with hands to stretch and strengthen the muscles surrounding the heart area.
  • Resistant training regimes, which are designed as per the body needs, are very good for strengthening the heart muscles.
  • Aerobic exercises are a good way to re-energize and rejuvenate the body.
  • A warm up regime should pre follow the workout session, which should be followed with a cooling down process to ensure that no damage or impact happens to the heart.


  • Do not overstress during any workout session.
  • Avoid indulging in physical activities in the humid conditions. This helps to lose more water content from the body which is not good.
  • Ensure that enough liquid is fed to the body during the workout.
  • Stop any exercise if you feel any kind of pain in the chest and abdominal area or if you are panting for breath.
  • Start with easy workout regime and slowly increase the pace, which will not affect the body in the wrong way.
  • Consultation with a trained profession at each and every step is essential especially when going for weight training regime.
  • Ensure that proper warm up is done and enough time is taken for the cooling down process.

Consult us for expert advice

Leading consultants in the field of health and fitness, we have 20 years of experience along with pool of trained resources that can levy any advice to you at any point of time. Click Here for healthy life guidance!


High Protein, Low Carbohydrate and Heart Diseases

Obesity and high-fat levels are pointed out as the main causes of heart diseases in individuals; hence, many diets suggest having a low carbohydrate and high protein diet can effectively reduce obesity and fat levels. Women around the world actively prefer this diet plan due to the promising science behind weight loss and well; every woman loves to lose some weight without much effort.

How it Works

A low carbohydrate high protein diet works on simple science of human health and fitness. It is proposed that when there is a decrease in the carbohydrate levels in the diet the body starts to burn the reserve fat in the body and effectively decreases obesity. The idea is to decrease the intake of carbohydrate rich foods like fruits and grains and replace them with protein-rich foods like eggs and dairy products.

What Goes Wrong

According to a study conducted on large number of women in Sweden, on a long run, the protein rich diet deposits saturated fat in your body and can cause heart diseases. Further, it was also proposed that proteins from plant origin can be beneficial in a low carbohydrate high protein diet. Low level of carbohydrates can also result in a health problem called ketosis where the body loses its acid-base balance and causes metabolic acidosis which can increase chances of kidney stones or lack of calcium in bones. The study concludes that though the diet can have short term effective results on weight loss, long term use can activate serious conditions like the cardiovascular diseases, in you.

However, many arguments for these conclusions can be found and it seems difficult to determine the effects of a low carbohydrate high protein diet.

What can we Do

Amidst professional and scientific studies, we, the common human, is always left in the state of confusion. However, in this case, it is understood that humans were designed by nature to be omnivorous and hence we need a variety of different nutrients to meet the health requirements; and depriving the body of essential elements like carbohydrates or even proteins can have fatal results in the long run. Hence, all we can do is have a healthy diet plan that consists of all nutrients, from fruits to vegetables, to proteins from meat and plant.

Weight loss can be achieved by simply reducing fat intake and increasing physical effort. Exercise well and eat well!


How can you improve your heart health through weight loss?

Heart is one of the most vital organs of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper care of it. There are lots of factors on which health of the heart depends. Basically, maintaining weight helps to regulate the working of the heart. Whether in young age or old age heart care is important. Even studies have shown that weight loss at any age is good for heart health.

Weight gain means higher cholesterol. Higher cholesterols leads to blockage of arteries and veins. It increases the risk of angina pain and other diseases. And, all these are linked to your heart so these need to be prevented.

Two weight reducing factors which help in maintaining heart health

  • Exercise:Exercise is very important to keep the body fit and healthy. There are special exercise routines to keep your heart healthy. These are cardio exercises. These help to shed a lot of weight. Some of the cardio exercises are walking, jogging, cycling etc.

Diet: Healthy diet is the mirror of healthy heart. Food with high cholesterol should be avoided. You should include foods like green vegetables and fresh fruit in your diet.Cut down the salt intake in your diet. High salt leads to high blood pressure. And, High blood pressure is a symptom of unhealthy heart. There are two types of fat - good fat and bad fat. Include good fat in your diet. Good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats while bad fats are Trans-fats and saturated fats. So replace the bad ones with the good ones in your diet.

Some good fats that are essential for heart health are:

  • Monounsaturated fats:sesame oil, olive oil, avocados, peanut oil, olives etc.
  • Poly unsaturated fats: corn oil, walnuts, soy milk, tofu, soybean oil etc.

Some of the bad fats that should be avoided are:

  • Trans-fats:vegetable shortening, candy bars, stick margarine, pastries, cakes, doughnuts, pizza dough, muffins etc.
  • Saturated fats:butter, ice cream, lard, cheese, chicken with the skin, palm oil and coconut oil.

Bad fat leads to obesity, which finally leads to unhealthy heart. So, by making small changes in your eating habits, you can help your heart. Young or old, just keep up with your daily exercises for fitness and live a heart-risk free life.


How is Fish Oil Helpful for Your Heart

In order to stay protected from heart diseases, you must get a healthy diet chart planned for your body. Your foods and supplements have to be rich in nutrients that would be able to provide you maximum benefits at the lowest risks. A highly beneficial supplement with such attributes is Fish oil.

Why Fish Oil?

Most of you must be familiar with cholesterol which is considered to be one of the leading factors for increased heart diseases. It is found in most oil and oil-based products. To prevent chronic heart diseases, researchers experimented on volunteers to provide them with Fish oil supplements. The research was carried over a span of 4 years and the results were inferred. These results showed that the people who consumed Fish oil had really low death rates due to heart attacks etc.

The research was compared with other volunteers who had been given Crestor and placebo pills which are used for lowering cholesterol in the body. When the two results were compared, the fish oil was found to provide better conclusions. So, fish oil was considered to be better than most fitness products and supplements.

Why Fish oil is so capable?

Fish oil has been praised for such benefits because of the presence of Omega-3 fats in it. These fats are known for multiple benefits such as-

  • Preventing blood clots in vessels which could, otherwise, lead to higher heart related risks.
  • Acting as a counterproductive source to cardiac arrests.
  • Helping to prevent the deposit of fats on the inner layers of the arteries.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent swelling, pain etc.
  • Helps to heal blood vessels for increase in blood pumping.
  • Helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Helps to regulate triglycerides in the body.

Even if you are not able to get fish oil in your local area, you might try out Omega-3 pills available as supplements online. Your key is to prevent cholesterol increase in your body which can be prudently achieved by consuming such healthy products. Heart diseases can therefore, be regulated through them if consumed in the right proportions in your daily diet.


Predicting heart diseases with perfection

Just when it comes to predicting cardiovascular diseases and heart diseases, the main thing is assessing cholesterol. In fact, measuring this cholesterol has been the main thing for a really long time.  But is cholesterol all that you consider when trying predicting heart diseases?  Well, the answer is a simple no. this is because there are several other factors that you need to consider in order to predict your heart health.  The best way to avoid all heart diseases is through perfect health and fitness.

Triglyceride and HDL ratio

One of the best ways to notice the heart health is by looking at the ratio between Triglyceride and HDL cholesterol.  Most importantly, the higher the ratio, the higher is the chance of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack.  Even though triglyceride level is the lone factor for determining the heart health, but it combines with HDL cholesterol, the result becomes accurate. For instance, a ratio of 2 to 3 is a sure sign of perfect heart and no doubt, of happiness.  But again, a ratio of 6 or above could be a sign of problems.  If you wish to know more about it, you can very well read the several fitness articles online.

Coronary calcification

Even though it is often overlooked, a person’s coronary calcification is of extreme importance.  Without doubt, it is one of the biggest predictors and risk factors for predicting heart diseases.  It is usually seen that excess of calcium in the blood thereby not being able to convert it or due to low magnesium causes the calcium to leach from tissues and bones. This is something that contributes to heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

CRP and Homocysteine

Wondered about the chances of adverse cardiovascular diseases? Well, the best way to do predict is through checking the homocysteine levels. This is simply because the increased level of homocysteine damages the artery walls. Usually, higher chances of cardiovascular diseases occur in those with 2.5 times higher homocysteine levels.  Now, CRP is another marker of inflammation within the body.  However, it is also found that it is a good indicator of cardiovascular diseases.  To get the accurate results, make sure that high sensitivity is utilized.  Usually, a level of 0.8 mg/dl is considered perfect.

With that being said, these are the ways of predicting severe heart diseases with utmost perfection.  Overall, to stay well, it is important to exercise at home daily.


Prevention and Reversal of Heart Diseases

Heart diseases also known as cardiovascular disease is a very common health problem in this modern lifestyle. With it claiming more lives than cancer every year, heart disease is one to worry about. However, heart diseases can be easily prevented with a little change in your lifestyle.


Heart diseases can be easily kept at bay by implementing few habits. Firstly quit smoking, as it increases the risk of not only cancer, but lung diseases and heart diseases. Avoid fatty foods as they actively build up blood cholesterol and hence promote cardiovascular diseases. Always keep a check on your calories and exercise at home or gym regularly, to maintain your health and fitness. Eat healthy and live stress-free; eventually your heart will be strong and unaffected, in the long run. However, the heart diseases have a dark side that if family and ancestors have been affected with cardiovascular diseases, the current generation individuals are at a greater risk of acquiring heart diseases, as well. Prevention methods for such individuals may not be as effective as they have a genetic tendency to acquire the cardiovascular diseases. Heart disease can have symptoms like chest pain, slow or racing heartbeats, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, pain in the neck and back region. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor to detect the condition early, if any.

Treatment & Reversal

If detected early heart diseases can be effectively reversed and treated with simple natural remedies. Remedies like decrease in fatty foods and sugar intake, increase in omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium potassium salt intake have proved to be very effective in reversing cardiovascular diseases. The remedies can simply be herbal medicines and dietary supplements according to the condition of the problem. Many individuals around the globe have been cured completely from the disease. Commonly available edible items like green tea and pomegranate are also effective in improving the heart condition.

There can be many fitness articles that suggest natural remedies for cardiovascular diseases, however, understanding that heart diseases are life threatening ones, it is highly recommended that you listen to the doctor. Never implement remedies and medicines on your own. Always seek help of a doctor or a specialized herbal expert to understand your condition better and carry out natural remedies, suggested by them. 


Radiation Treatments for Breast Cancer Might Lead to Great Heart Risks

Breast cancer definitely is a disease that no women would ever think of attaining. The disease in itself is quite dangerous. Moreover, the treatment for such diseases isn’t friendly either. Studies showed that women who have to go through radiation treatments for breast cancer are under a constant risk of increase in heart disease risks. This is certainly something to worry about. As, what has been designed for treatment is itself acting as a fatal cause of generation of multiple diseases.

How the researchers come up with this conclusion?

The percentage of infliction has been inferred to be around 7.4 percent per unit of radiation on the heart. Over 2000 breast cancer survivors were monitored for this and the risks were then concluded. The medical researchers found that the ladies who had gone through higher exposure to radiation were having more risks of coronary diseases. The continuous exposure might also lead to death as speculated by them.

Is radiotherapy worth risking?

For breast cancer patients treatments surely are limited. So, they might need this therapy in order to prevent the cancer growth. But the coronary health problem is not necessarily going to take place as predicted by many other medical doctors. They have quoted that women who already have health and fitness issues related to heart are more vulnerable to radiation treatments. This shows that radiotherapy might not be the primary cause to coronary risks. So, women who really need it can go through the risk.

Also, the radiations taken on a higher scale are more bound to cause such risks which is why they have to be utilized with proper regulation. Medical experts can help such patients with other methods to control the issue such as -herbal products. This is to ensure that side effects can be minimized. So, breast cancer patients going through radiotherapies might not totally be under such a risk. Controlled radiation treatment in the early stages with a proper diet can certainly help to keep it low. Consulting an expert would greatly help for such confusions.


Smart exercise plan for good Heart Health

The heart is the most important organ in the body. Since it performs some of the essential bodily functions, it is extremely important to keep it healthy.  Just like you exercise daily to keep your body fit, it is important to exercise to keep your heart in good health.  In fact, you need to exercise to keep your heart healthy and stronger.  The perfect exercise plan works like strength training for the heart that helps it pump more blood, but with less effort.

Exercising for healthy heart

Thankfully, it doesn’t take hours to get the heart-healthy benefits of exercises.  As little as 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, like walking, is enough to keep the heart in good working condition.  Apart from this, it even helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases.  The next is the cardio vascular exercise which is also one of the heart-healthy exercises. Just 30 minutes of these exercises for five days a week is enough.

The heart- healthy exercise schedule for beginners

The beginners can try out some light and easy exercises to keep the heart healthy.  Here are some of the exercise tips to try out.

  • Cardio-Begin by choosing two cardio exercises like running or swimming. Alternate between these two for about five days a week for just 30 minutes. You can also buy cheap cardio exercise equipment to perform some exercises.
  • Strength-Beginners can also try out the full body workout, again for 30 minutes. You need to follow the two days a week plan and that’s it.
  • Including all-together-Beginners can also include five days of cardio as well as two days of strength training. This will ensure good and healthy heart.

Exercise schedule for the intermediate exercisers

Those who have been exercising regularly for about 6 months can easily include some of the high intensity exercises to better heart health.  Above all, the harder you work, the less time you need to spend on exercises to get the same benefit.  It is important to follow right home workout routines.

  • Cardio schedule-  the intermediate exercisers can try out 30 to 45 minutes of moderate intensity workouts. Apart from these, it is essential to include one 20 minute high intensity workout.
  • Strength schedule-for strength exercises can choose shorter, but more advanced strength training exercise.

With that being said, this is the right exercise schedule that people need to follow to keep their heart in good and healthy condition.

For expert guidance, you can contact our fitness trainers.


Taking breakfasts reduces the chance of heart diseases by 25 percent

There has been a rise in the number of cardiovascular diseases recently.  In fact, there are several researches that show numerous natural foods, lifestyle as well as supplements to be able to cure this killer disease. In simple words, a healthy diet eliminating hydrogenated fat and sugar, combined with proper diet of vitamin D as well as Omega 3 supplements is capable of reducing heart diseases by up to 25 percent.  To stay active, it is also a good idea to get enrolled into any of the 24 hours fitness centers.

What do researches show?

According to several researches conducted on the importance of breakfast for reducing heart diseases, it has been seen that men who accepted of refusing breakfast has a higher risk of heart diseases.  The scientists however determined that the timing of meals, including missing meals in the morning to eating nighttime snacks can have adverse effect on the heart, thereby leading to severe cardiovascular diseases.

Eating breakfast and avoiding snacks lowers blood pressure and normalize lipids

Skipping breakfast doesn’t only give rise to one or more heart diseases, but also gives rise to cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and blood pressure.  Above all, these diseases combined together can give rise to heart attacks.  The results were drawn from the several studies based on physical activity, diet and lifestyle and even found the association between skipping breakfasts and eating late night snacks to have a deep correlation between heart diseases. Exercising also helps staying active and the best way to do it is through home fitness equipment.

What do the doctors recommend?

According to doctors, skipping breakfast is the root cause of numerous heart diseases including heart attack. Apart from this, including healthy foods into breakfast is also a good option to ensure the meal provides energy, vitamins and minerals.  Since late night eating alters the metabolism, it should be avoided at all costs.

The overall verdict

During the studies, it has been clearly seen that people who skipped breakfast as well as took late night snacks have a risk of developing heart diseases by about 27 percent, as compared to those who didn’t eat night time snacks. Apart from this, people who accepted of eating snacks late night after going to bed had about 55 percent chance of getting affected by coronary disease than those who didn’t eat anything after dinner. There are several online personal training programs that help people stay healthy and active.