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Headaches Problem

Headaches Problem

How to Easily manage your headaches after Travelling

If you get severe or mild headache after travel, it is mainly because of several factors. Whether travelling by air, train or bus, you are likely to experience mild to severe headache at the end of your trip.  But the best thing is that there are easy ways to manage these headaches and keep you absolutely fit after travel.  All you need is a little planning and some precautions during the travel and you are saved from the headaches.

Discuss the problem of headache to doctor before your trip

If you have problems related to after travel headaches, the best thing is to talk to your doctor about it before your trip.  Your doctor might be able to provide you the right medication you need to take before your travel as well as after the travel.  Apart from this, your doctor might also provide you a migraine medication to control the after travel headaches.  Also, you can ask your doctor if it’s fine to take aspirin, if you are taking it to prevent a headache during your journey.

Managing the stress

After travel stress in many cases gives rise to extreme headaches. If you are suffering from after air travel headaches, you need to avoid stress in all possible forms. The best way is to get sufficient sleep after the journey. Also, headaches can result from in flight situations as well like change in barometric pressure and oxygen level. Keep yourself busy with card games and puzzles. This will prevent after travel headaches.

Watch what you eat

While travelling, you need to keep an eye on what you are eating and when you are not eating. Most headaches after travel are caused due to foods that you eat during your travel.  Make sure to avoid all types of high sugar foods as well as oily foods. Try to stick to light cooked foods. Apart from this, alcoholic beverages should also be avoided at all cost


How to Alleviate Headaches during Pregnancy

There are numerous causes to affect the health and fitness of a pregnant woman. The problem of headache is very common occurrence in most of the pregnant women. Some of the major causes of headache include increasing volume of the blood content and high blood pressure. During the pregnancy period, the body undergoes through terrible psychological changes, leading to hormonal imbalance and causes migraine headache.

Ways to alleviate headaches during pregnancy

  • Resting in a dark room- To avoid Migraine, the pregnant woman can rest in a dark room and try to attain relaxation from mental or physical stress. You may also ask your partner to massage your neck and shoulders with light pressure, to cure your head pain.
  • Avoid intake of alcohols or smoke- Intake of harmful substances like alcohol or smoking can also trigger migraine pain. To avoid such unavoidable circumstances, the woman needs to stay away from these products. Also take plenty of rest and have proper sleep, to minimize your stress level.
  • Avoiding fatigue- Pregnant women often feel with mental fatigue. They easily get stresses out and feel extremely tired and exhausted. To avoid such situations, the woman should take sufficient rest and stay away from excess fatigue, which otherwise would trigger Migraine headache.
  • Drinking plentiful water- Drinking adequate amount of water, all throughout the day can reduce the risk of developing acute headache. An excess pressure developing on the urinary bladder can increases the size of the uterus, causing acute pain.Stay away from dehydration and increases your water intake.
  • Practice light exercises- Women can practice light body fitness exercises, to stay away from stressful situations in life. Exercise may help to increase the flow of blood in the body and aids in curing severe headache. The pregnant women can also consult with an experienced Gynecologist, to know about the exercising postures suiting her health.

Practice meditation and Yoga -  Pregnant women should practice meditation and yoga, but only under guidance of fitness instructor because any wrong move or posture during Yoga can harm the body as well as baby. Meditation is an effective way to attain peaceful mind and lower down the headache caused due to Migraine.

By following these effective tips, pregnant women can stay away from acute migraine headache and maintain a healthy mind with body.


Is High Blood Pressure Responsible for Headaches?

It is quite obvious to think that high blood pressure leads to headaches. If the whole mechanism is thought of, then a common person would consider a headache resulting due to hypertension. High blood pressure is caused due to high pressure in the walls of the arteries. As blood vessels are also present in the head, people might perceive it to affect the head as well - leading to headaches.

However, no matter how logical the explanation is, it is quite not true. It does have a little impact but it is not one of the major causes behind headaches and other health issues. Such misconceptions have been there for many decades which can be misleading.

What could be the reason behind such a belief?

Even after a lot of research related to this topic, there are many doctors who still consider high blood pressure being a cause of headaches in the body. And, the reasons behind such predictions could have been due to:

  • Acute pain caused in various parts of the body including the head due to hypertension.
  • After consuming medical supplementsfor lowering the blood pressure, side effects including headache could have misled them.
  • So, it can be seen that headaches could just be side effects cause after consumption of drugs being used for treatment of hypertension. Also, an acute pain in the head due to the high blood pressure could have been a reason behind it.
  • Further research on such predictions:
  • There were many medical experts and researchers, who carried out tests to understand the link between headaches and hypertension. In one such case, a team in Norway conducted a research on 22,000 individuals. The research was 11 years long which concluded that a considerable amount of people with hypertension showed few signs of headaches. They also found that people with a systolic reading of 150 and above showed a 30% chance of reduction in headaches.
  • The conclusion:
  • So, the research inferred that hypertension was not a major cause for headaches in people. However, a case of sudden hypertension (known as malignant hypertension) could lead to a severe headache which definitely needs to be avoided. You can consult an expert online fitness doctor etc. for more information.

Home Remedies for Headaches

Almost everybody has experienced a headache at some point of time ranging from dull, mild to intense headaches. Not every headache is related to the head. Neck, scalp, jaw, shoulder, spines, and sinuses may also cause significant discomfort that gives rise to headache. Therefore, before you jump to any specific medication, make sure you are aware of the type of headache you are having.

There can be too many causes of headaches, depending upon the origin of pain signals, according to which it may be a tension headache, migraine or a cluster headache. Usually, the pain originates from the tissue and bone structures, which give pain signals to the brain and as a result a person feels stress in the head portion. The most common is the tension headache which arises due to inappropriate postures, tension on certain parts which go against the natural movements, stress or an injury.
Migraines can cause severe pain and is believed to be a genetic disorder. Certain hormone changes and chemical activities may trigger a migraine headache. Persons having sinusitis and Eosinophilia may experience cluster headaches which are very sharp, but last for a very short duration.

Home Remedies

We can fight back with natural home remedies for headaches, especially for migraines and tension headaches.

  1. Ginger: Make a glass of warm ginger juice and drink it to get relief soon. It can be made by both mixing water and ground ginger or a fresh one immersed in the liquid. It’s a traditional way adopted to cure headaches.
  2. Scented Oils: Take some amount of peppermint, basil or lavender oil and massage it gently on the forehead and temples. It gives a relaxing sensation.
  3. Massages: When done in a proper way, massages can be quite helpful in alleviating pain due to migraines. For more effective massages, focus on the scalp and part where the base of skull is situated (back head portion).
  4. Soaking the feet and hot compress: Soak your feet in hot water containing a bit of mustard oil for relieving the pain. Soaking draws blood to the feet, thus reducing pressure on the blood vessels present in the head. Both hot and cold compresses can be applied to the forehead for suppressing headaches as they work differently.
  5. Buckwheat: Rutin, a flavonoid present in Buckwheat has antioxidant properties and helps in reducing inflammation which majorly causes headaches.
  6. Coffee: Even if you are not caffeine addicted, it is absolutely fine to have a strong cup of coffee during headaches. Caffeine present in the coffee reduces the swelling of a blood-vessel. But it should be consumed in control amount only.
  7. Water: Drink a plenty of water if vomiting occurs because dehydration can cause a headache.

Expert tips:

There are other relaxation techniques which help countering such problems.

  1. Tighten a scarf or tie like clothing around your forehead up to a point where slight pressure is felt. This obstructs the blow flow to the head portion and helps in relieving the pain.
  2. Do some exercises few times a week to release stress and maintain a regular healthy diet. Avoid foods triggering headaches.