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Diabetes Problem

Diabetes Problem


A lot of anti-psychotic medicines are available in the market, which has been known for treating conditions such as Schizophrenia, ADHD, bipolar disorder and other mood swings in kids etc. These deficiency disorders do get controlled with the help of anti-psychotic drugs such as Abilify or Risperdal, but the side effects might turn out to be devastating.

Recent studies by expert doctors has shown that these drugs might be the cause behind Type 2 diabetes in kids. The chances increases in proportions as compared to such drug intake by adults.

How is it caused?

Anti-psychotic drugs lead to heavy weight gain in children which resist insulin from developing in the body of a child. ADHD and similar disorders are common among children which leads to the usage of such drugs for treatment. But, the parents are usually not aware that the very drug is about to increase their weight to a considerable level – hence, leading to increased chances of Type 2 Diabetes. This is more prominent in teens aged – 14 to 20 years. The risk was also tested to be more in the first year of dosage.

There is a need for proper diagnosis and monitoring to ensure that children do not get inflicted by the disease on usage of such medical drugs.

The need to avoid such drugs:

If consuming these risky medicines for treating the mental conditions in kids, then it would be prudent to get them proper training through an online fitness routine, etc. Planning a healthy diet chart for them would also help so that the physical condition of obesity does not take over which would otherwise lead to type 2 diabetes.

Even taking your children to fitness centres can help in reducing those extra pounds. These anti-psychotic drugs might cause all those symptoms, but it is up to you to avoid them from increasing. Consult your doctor for helping your child with such issues. Being diabetic is something that you would not want to risk for your child. So, keep track of the dosage of these drugs if your child really needs them.


Diabetes is spreading with a faster rate. A lot of people are suffering from this disease presently. It is a major cause of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and organ damage. Especially diabetic people are in high risk of kidney failure. So, it is a disease that you would not want to ignore. It slowly damages the human body which is why it needs to be kept in control. Many people call it “Slow poison” for such reasons only. A few symptoms of diabetes that can help you judge your diabetic conditions are presented in this article of health as follows:

  • Weight loss: Some people experience sudden and abnormal weight loss. They get weaker day by day. This is because the glucose is not able to reach the muscles, liver and cells and in spite of eating body does not get food in form of energy. Hence, body loses fat. Food eaten is removed from body in the form of urination.
  • Tiredness:Diabetic patients often feel exhausted because glucose is not able to reach to the body cells for converting into energy. Glucose rather stays in blood. Hence, body lacs in energy and the patient feels exhausted frequently. You can learn more about it through related health articles.
  • Excess of urination: When blood glucose level increases in body,the kidney tries to filter the excess of glucose in blood. In that process, body feels the need to urinate to clear the system more than normal.
  • Feeling thirsty: When excess of fluid is lost in urination the body feels the need to replenish the body fluid. Hence,the human body feels thirsty.
  • Hunger:Even if a patient follows weight gaining diet plans, they might still feel hungry. This is because food eaten is not getting utilized by body. It just comes out as waste from the body without being absorbed.
  • Wounds are healed slowly:This is because of the unhealthy and damaged blood vessels that wounds and cuts do not heal quickly. Blood in itself is a healing agent and since it has high amount of glucose in it, the healing process slows down.

These few symptoms should not be ignored. You should immediately consult your doctor or get your blood tested. Treatment for diabetes should never be taken lightly.


Diabetes is a common disease that is increasing because of wrong habits of eating and drinking. There is a need of awareness to prevent it and cure it. It is considered to be a prominent cause of various organ failures.

Why Diabetes occurs?

Human body feels weak when blood sugar level is high. And, the increase of glucose (sugar) level in blood causes Diabetes. Glucose provides energy to the body when transported to body cells and muscles. Blood Sugar level is regulated by the hormone known as insulin which is produced in pancreas. It is the responsibility of the pancreas to carry glucose to the liver and the muscles from the blood. But, sometimes pancreas do not produce enough insulin for this action, hence, resulting in Diabetes.

To control diabetes, insulin is injected artificially in the body for blood sugar regulation. When broadly categorized, there are two types of diabetes Type 1 and type 2.

Type 1:

This type of diabetes is caused by genetic history or when some kind of virus attacks your pancreas. It hampers the working of pancreas. Therefore, insulin is not produced in body. This type of diabetes occurs in in early ages of life, most usually before 20 years of age. It is less likely to get cured. It can be controlled by insulin. But, you can always improve your eating habits by consuming food for fitness so that you can curb it from getting worse.

Type 2:

This type of diabetes is more related to lifestyle. It is likely to occur in obese people. People who are lethargic and don’t indulge in physical work suffer from type 2 diabetes. Following a weight loss diet plan is important. Diet plan and regular exercise routine can help to regulate this type of diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes can be hereditary as well. For controlling this type of diabetes you must maintain your body weight. Regular walking or jogging helps to maintain it, but one should always consult expert fitness instructors before taking any form of exercise. You can check out with our experts right now!


To keep a check on diabetes, one must get it examined regularly. Proper medication should be taken to avoid damaging the body. Diabetes can also result in kidney damage, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc. So, you got to be careful about what you eat and how you maintain yourself to keep it low.


Changing lifestyle with consumption of rich junk foods coupled with stress and practically no physical exercise has led to the formulation of various kinds of diseases- Diabetes being one of them. Though medications are available in the market, one does realize at some point of time that the best solution is to resort to exercise for long term benefit.

Exercises involve physical exertion, which helps to increase the blood circulation to different parts of the body and hence is very beneficial. However, one single wrong pose can have a negative impact which can have an adverse effect on the body, especially in the case of diabetes. Hence, it is imperative to seek professional guidance.

A trained professional can levy advice, which is beneficial to a diabetic body. Only a professional should be trusted in such cases to ensure that the exercise does not backfire up.

So let’s dig in to know more about diabetes, its symptoms and causes.

What is diabetes?

In layman’s term diabetes is the condition when the blood sugar level in the body increases beyond the standard range. Scientifically, it is known as diabetes mellitus. Basically, when some of the other kind of metabolic diseases group up, it raises the glucose level in the body and simultaneously the body is unable to produce enough insulin to compensate it. The usual symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, which can also be accompanied by an urge for increased thirst or hunger.

Diabetes is of various types and each has its different cause associated with it. Some of them are enunciated below:

  • Type 1- This refers to the type of diabetes in which the body is unable to produce insulin. It is sometimes also known as juvenile diabetes. The causes are unknown, however many believe that it is partially inherited since it has been linked to some genetic issues.
  • Type 2- Type 2 refers to the diabetic conditions wherein the body produces insulin but not large enough to be sufficient for the body. Sometimes, the body is unable to respond to the insulin as the tissues become redundant, and hence this creates the problems of diabetes. Type- 2 diabetes is usually caused and is affected by the changing lifestyle and is greatly dependent on factors such as consumption of high calorie food, foods which have high content of fatty acids and Trans fatty acids and juices, which have high sugar content. Obese people are prone to the risk of this type of diabetes.
  • Gestation Diabetes- This usually occurs in case of pregnancy. The insulin secretion is greatly hampered and the body’s responsiveness also decreases by a certain amount. This is generally a cause for concern since it may cause complication during the birth of the child.


Suggestions and exercise tips to control diabetes:

Diabetes can be easily controlled if one adapts to certain changes such as incubating daily exercise regime and catering to different platter of foods. Here are some tips to control diabetes:

  • Brisk walking or cardio exercise for about 30 minutes daily or on alternate days, can be very useful.
  • Involve in aerobic exercises, which help to make the cardiovascular system stronger and also increase the blood circulation levels in the body.
  • Yoga forms and poses can be helpful for curing diabetes and also help as stress busters for relaxation purpose.
  • Snacking after exercise especially with meals that are rich in carbohydrates is very important.
  • Ensure to be with a trainer who knows how to handle conditions of diabetic patients are well-equipped with glucose tablets, which can be given as deemed necessary.


  • Do not indulge in any exercise, which is not supervised by a trained professional.
  • Stop immediately in case you feel breathless.
  • Do not overdo on purpose.
  • Snacking on foods, which are high in carbohydrate content, is very important post workout.

Consult us for expert advice:

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More than medication diabetes can be controlled by a healthy diet chart. Food that we eat covets into glucose which is the fuel for your body. Your body gets energy when glucose reaches to the body cells, liver and muscles. The food you eat is converted into glucose. Therefore you should be careful about what you add to your diet plan.

You should get a diet chart made with the help of dieticians. This will include what to and what not to eat. You are more likely to eat less fatty food which is high in protein. A few foods that you should and should not include in your diet are:

Fruits: Papaya, orange, apple, pear and berries are some fruits included in your diet with the exception of bananas, mangoes and grapes and custard apple.

Go brown: Replace your white bread with brown bread, white rice with brown rice and white sugar with brown sugar (try avoiding any sugar).

Foods that should be included in your diet are green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, bitter gourd, lettuce, gourd, asparagus, beans etc. You should definitely avoid oily food and olive oil instead of butter, ghee or refined oil. Fat is really harmful for diabetic patients.

Say no to few foods like candies, ice creams, raisins, soft drinks, sugar syrups, chocolate bars, cake and pastries. Change your dough. White flour is really harmful for diabetic patients and should be replaced by multigrain flour. Just forget about junk foods like pizza, burger, noodles, and French fries. Consider potato as your enemy. Especially fried potatoes like cutlet, fries etc. should not be consumed. Fruit juices should be cut down from the diet as they are high in sugar content. Do not consume full fat dairy products always opt for low fat products. Alcohol is a major cause of increase in blood sugar level. So, limit your alcohol intake.

Few tips for a healthy diet plan:

  • Have small meals at regular intervals.
  • Have keep diet snack with yourself.
  • Keep yourself stuffed with the food allowed to avoid craving.
  • Meditate to control your eating habits.
  • Learn to say no to alcohol

Be sure to avoid such foods and meals for a healthy lifestyle. Also, you can checkout various nutritional supplements listed at our website especially for diabetes patients.


High blood sugar can be dangerous for your body. It is a chronic disease that leads to depletion of bones in your body and decreasing your immunity. This eventually leads to a lot of deadly diseases. So, preventing it is necessary for a healthy and long life. There are many ways by which you can reduce your blood sugar levels. Take a look at a few mentioned below:

  • Exercise:

In order to reduce your sugar levels, exercising is one of the most beneficial activities. You can reduce a considerable amount of sugar level by working out every day. Plus, you also improve your stamina with such an activity. You do not have contact a lot of experts by going to the gym and lifting heavy weights etc., a brisk walk or a quick jog can be really helpful in lowering your sugar levels if you do these regularly. For more enjoyment while exercising, you can try swimming or cycling as per your choices.

  • Get a diet chart prepared:

For reducing your glucose levels, you would also require to have healthy eating habits. For that, you can consult a medical expert order gym trainer to guide you prepare a prudent diet plan which would comprise of all the necessary nutrition needed for your body. This plan would ensure the least supply of sugary foods while focusing on other healthy ingredients for your body.

  • Keep track of your glucose levels:

You’ll also required to keep checking your glucose levels on a regular basis. This would help you to make the necessary changes whether for increasing your nutrition or for reducing your supplements present in your diet. It all can be beneficial in motivating you to apply more efforts for reducing your blood sugar.

Taking help from other sources can greatly benefit you in reducing your blood sugar levels. For instance, you can watch online workout videos, to help you in preparing a good workout plan for a healthy diet with reduced blood sugar levels. Even consulting doctors and fitness trainers can be highly beneficial for tackling common health problems for a longer and healthier life.


Diagnosed with pre-diabetes? May be you are not that scared yet but it’s an alarm. You still have the opportunity to control a bigger damage. So, don’t avoid it.  Instead try to maintain good life fitness. There is still a chance that pre-diabetes will not convert in to the deadly diabetes. Once you are detected with this precondition, you should follow some simple lifestyle changes such as:

Reduce weight:

Being overweight is one of the major factors for the introduction of diabetes. Obese people are more likely to be succumbed to this disease. So, try for healthy weight loss. Get a weight loss diet plan designed by an expert according to your body type. Slim body is a healthier body.

Exercise regularly:

Regular exercise is important as it kills excess of glucose in your blood. It purifies the bloods. You can opt various cardio exercises. Also running, walking and jogging are sensible options for diabetic patients. You should not over exert yourself if you are diabetic because body suffers from weakness due to lack of glucose reaching to body cells for producing energy. Try hiring fitness instructors if you have to, just get it over with and maintain it. You can always contact our top fitness experts for their expert guidance.


Healthy diet is the mirror of healthy body. Once you are diagnosed for pre-diabetic then you should avoid glucose rich food. You should avoid sweets, unhealthy carbs like potato, pizza, burger and all other junks. You should opt lighter food options like green salad, and fruits such as apple, papaya, pear, guava and berries instead of mangoes, bananas and grapes. Get a diet plan made for yourself from a dietician.

Get regular examinations:

 for blood sugar level are important so that you can treat your body accordingly. Keep consulting your doctor regularly to prevent from a bigger damage.

Manage your stress levels:

Stress triggers sugar level in blood. So, try to keep yourself calm and meditate for a while to maintain your health. Stress can affect production of insulin in body resulting in more glucose in the blood. A good yoga instructor can help you with that.

Small steps can be taken to stop the progression of pre-diabetes to diabetes, so work on it.