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Backaches Problem

Backaches Problem


A lot of people complain about lower back pain. This might happen due to many reasons. But, a few usual ones are –

  • Not having strong core muscles. These are the muscles which tend to support our structure. Most people with desk jobs attain weak abdomen area over time which leads to lower back pain.
  • People who have to pick up heavy things also face this. It directly impacts on their hamstrings and reduction in hip flexes, leading them to become tighter. With loss in flexibility, lower back pain increases.

Fortunately there are a few stretching exercises for lower back pain that can help to subside the lower back pain in your body. Take a look at these.

  • Child’s pose

This simple stretching exercise helps you stretch those hip flexes with ease. Just get into a crawling position (like a child does) and then bring your hips down towards your heels. While doing this just stretch your arms as far as you can. Keep it that way for around 30 seconds. You can also move your hands left and right (together) from time to time.

  • Hip Flexor Stretch:

Another stretch for the hip flexes is the HF stretch. For this, get on your knees and bring one knee forward (just like proposing to a girl). Now, keeping your back straight, move your hips forward slow and steady. Also, raise your arms while moving your hips forward.

  • Pigeon Pose:

This pose requires you to get in a crawling position. After that you need to stretch your leg over the other one while bringing your hips towards the heel, similar to that in child’s pose. Also, stretch those arms as far as you can. Repeat the same with your other leg as well.

  • 90/90 Stretch:

This stretch is done by lying down and then placing heel of one leg over the thigh of the other. Now through the little gap in between, you are required to hold the leg on which the heel is placed. Pull that leg towards you and keep it slow.

The best time to do these would be when you are about to go to bed so that you can relax those stretched while you sleep.


Stiff necks are common health conditions that need not be worried for. Sleeping in awkward positions generally cause this problem. Even, sitting before a computer in a stable position for long hours also strains muscles. Tension and anxiety will also cause pain in the neck. The article discusses the reason for stiffness in neck.

Twisted neck

People find their neck get stuck in a position when waking up in the morning. This is because of an injury in the neck muscles and is termed as acute torticollis. Although the exact cause is still unknown, the major reason can be a bad posture, inadequate neck support, and carriage of heavy weights. Try out your local fitness centers for a quick stretch exercise in order to curb it.

Neck`s wear and tear

Bones as well as joints in the neck have wear and tear leading to neck pain. This is called ‘Cervical Spondylosis’ and is a type of ‘arthritis’. The bone changes in this case cause stiffness. This naturally comes with age. Nerves nearby also gets squashed that can lead to numbness both in hands and legs. This will improve with treatment in a matter of few weeks.


People sitting in the rear-window of vehicles get this. Any sudden movement of head in any direction will result in this. Apart from pain and stiffness in the neck, this will also lead to tenderness in the muscles resulting in restriction to movements. Headache will also occur from whiplash.

Pinched nerve

Squashed nerves result in ‘Cervical Radiculopathy’ that cause neck pain. Any one disc between the bones of the upper spine splits open causing the gel present inside to bulge to the nearby nerve. This is a common symptom for old people. Pain killers can control the pain. The case will be serious only if you had any injury recently.

The stiff neck problem can be managed from home by following regular tips for prevention of neck pain by reading health topics as well. Your daily postures during work, sleeping, lifting heavy weights are general reasons that needs to be taken care of. In the present day world sitting before the PC is a routine problem for working executives.

Looking for an expert guidance, contact our top fitness trainers!


One of the most painful physical conditions is back pain. While it can occur in various regions of your back, the lower back pain is the most common. Its intensity is also varying in people. Some might have a low and steady one, while others might have to face its excruciating presence for days. But, the causes for it are usually common in most people.

Why people face lower back pain?

Most people face it due to:

  • Inappropriate physical postures which can be while sitting or standing. People who usually walk or sit with a bent back posture face lower back pain often.
  • Others who might have to sit and work also witness it frequently.
  • People who have to do heavy lifting jobs can also develop lower back pain in their bodies.
  • Using a pillow while sleeping can also cause lower back pain.
  • These reasons are some of the common ones that trigger lower back pain. It all has to do with one’s lower muscles which act as the core of a human body. Without strong core muscles, there are chances that the body might not be able to bear the weight leading to more pressure on them. With increased pressure, the pain increases.
  • How the pain triggers?
  • When people keep sitting for doing daily jobs or chores, the spinal cord and the muscles around it face exertion. Hip flex muscles are the most affected of them all, which shorten in size – leading to stiffness. With more stiffness, the pain escalates in the lower back area. Stiffness also restricts flexibility which is why people usually feel pain when they try to move their bodies out of that continuous posture abruptly.

Luckily, a lot of stretches and exercises for back pain are there to help prevent this pain from growing. While there is a lot of instructional media on the web that can help you out, but that is mostly applicable if your pain is just at a starting stage. If you have been facing it for a long time now, it’s better to consult a specialist who can assist you to curb it for good.


When your back is hurting, you may not be the best person to understand the causes or what you can do about it. Primary care physicians or general practitioners are qualified to carry out various examinations to diagnose and treat back pain.

Physical Examination

In most cases, the doctor will examine the patient’s nerve function and range of motion. He or she may also touch the body to locate the area of discomfort. The doctor may recommend blood and urine tests to determine if the back pain is being caused due to any infection or systemic problem. If the doctor suspects a case of back injury, certain tests may be ordered. Tests may also be carried out in case the pain has persisted for a long period in order to determine the underlying cause. Some of the common diagnostic tools include x ray, MRI scan, and CT scan.

Diagnostic Tools

X Rays reveal the alignment of bones and are used to detect skeletal defects or injuries. Sometimes, they can help locate problems in connective tissues but they are not the best tools for detecting problems with nerves, discs, spinal cord or muscles.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (computerized tomography) scans are good for detecting problems with tissues, nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, muscles and also revealing if the person has herniated disc.

Sometimes, a bone scan may be recommended. This type of scan can detect compression fractures or bone tumors. The patient is given an injection of a radioactive substance. Doctors use a special camera to detect bone problems when the substance collects in the bones.

In some cases, electromyography (EMG) which is a type of nerve study may be ordered. An EMG measures the electrical impulses generated by nerves in response to muscles. The study of the results can help doctors confirm nerve compression due to narrowing of spinal canal (spinal stenosis) or herniated disc.

Alternative Diagnosis

Some patients prefer to go to an osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist for diagnosis. These individuals usually diagnose by visual inspection or touching. However, they will want to see the results of blood and urine tests along with image scan results before recommending a course of treatment.

Diagnosis is used to confirm symptoms and identify the source of pain so that an appropriate program of back pain treatment can commence.


Do not keep suffering from miserable backache, when you can do something to prevent it. Instead of always running to the doctor, you can go for good fitness products to help yourself.

Regular work out:

A proper exercise routine is a good habit. It helps you stay fit as well as keeps you away from various diseases. When it comes to body aches, especially backache, nothing could be more beneficial than a good exercise regime. It helps to build your muscle strength as well. Strong and muscular body is unlikely to suffer from backaches. For that, you can try out creatine supplements.

  • Maintain posture:Always try to keep your bones in their natural alignment. For that it is very important to keep up right body posture. You should try sitting and lying straight. Try avoiding unnecessary bending. Bad posture creates strain on muscles and bones, hampering their natural form. This results in weakening of muscles and bones.
  • Check your mattress:Sleeping on a wrong mattress? Better change it before it’s too late. You should try hard based mattresses as it keeps your spinal cord straight in its natural alignment. You might feel comfortable on a soft mattress but your backbone forms a curve while u lie on it, which causes back pain. Try consulting fitness instructors for the right mattress if you want to.
  • Healthy diet:Diet full of nutrients like vitamins and minerals could be of great help in aiding aches. To get strong muscles and bones you need calcium and protein rich diet. These two nutrients provide strength to body. Stronger body does not exhibit signs and symptoms of pain.
  • Meditation:Stress is the main reason of muscle spasms. It causes stiffness in the muscles leading to backache. Meditation helps in releasing stress which ultimately leads to muscle relaxation.
  • Maintain your body weight:One of the reasons of backache is obesity. If you are obese, you are more likely to suffer from backache. Tone down your body and see the difference. Excess weight of the body creates unnecessary pressure on the spinal cord. This results in the acute backache. Therefore, maintain your body weight.

These small alterations can help you prevent miserable backache. So, why take a chance when you can prevent it with small changes in your lifestyle?


The present scenario engulfs a lifestyle, which does not leave space for physical activities. This gives rise to a bunch of problems such as backaches. Couch potato jobs, which demand sitting in front of the computer for hours together, are one of the primary reasons for backaches. Sometimes even medicines do not work, and then the realization dawns that physical activity is so important in our lives

Any kind of physical activity, which embosses an exercise regime, is useful for our body. Undoubtedly, this helps the body only if it is practiced with sufficient warm up and the right techniques. Flexing of wrong muscles or bones can severely impair the backbone and cause injury rather than providing any benefits.

Understanding the aforementioned scenario, one can safely conclude that proper guidance is vital for any kind of workout. Professionals can levy advice on the apt warm up and exercise poses, which will be helpful for the individual. In addition, they will also suggest the proper diet, which will add as a supplement to the exercises.

Before delving deep, let’s dig in to find out what is backache, its causes and some remedies

Backache and its causes

Backache is, basically, a problem of the back muscles, which is accompanied by excruciating pain and is the primary reason for spine discomfort. This is, usually, faced by adults although it can happen to any age group. Back consists of the disc, vertebrae bones along with tendons and muscles. If a tendon gets torn or the disc is affected in any way, it may lead to back pains

Some of the causes of backache are:

  • Disc tear-This is very common and occurs when one indulges in lifting heavy weight with wrong posture.
  • Scoliosis-it refers to the curving of the spinal cord, which may be a result of genetic disorder or posture disorder.
  • Vertebral fractures in the backbone, which may result as a cause of osteoporosis can also lead to back pain
  • Tearing of tendons, which are soft tissues surrounding the back muscles are the primary reason for back pain. It usually occurs when one stays in a particular position for a prolonged period of time.
  • Spondylolisthesis-This is again a very common cause when even a little wear and tear in the joints and bones causes disturbance by rubbing against each other to give rise to a pain sensation.

Remedies to tackle back pain:

There is a plethora of exercises, which can be adopted to get relief from back pain

  • Lie on back and keep your knees folded. One by one, lift the legs in folded position toward you.
  • In the same position, try to fill the void of the arch of the spine by pushing it against the floor.
  • In the same position, lift your hips in such a way that it forms a bridge. This exercise strengthens the back muscles by a significant amount.
  • Cat and Camel-This is a very famous exercise wherein one needs to mimic the curve of the cat and the hump of the camel. Lay in all fours, ensuring that hands and legs are in a straight line. Now for a curve in a spine, move your knee up and hold on for 2 seconds. Then, hump your back in the form of camel. Repeat 5 times the set to get rid of all back pains.


  • It is essential to do all these exercises under the supervision of a trained profession to get the set of exercises right.
  • In the case of any pain or injury, the exercise should be stopped immediately.
  • Ensure to get the position of the back checked by a supervisor to curb any harm in the future.
  • Do not strain your body to have any kind of the negative impact.

Consult us for expert advice:

20 years of enriched experience in the domain of health and fitness has carved a different niche for us. You can approach us to get one-on-one advice as and when required by our trained professionals.


A lot of people are suffering from acute back pain. It can cause an uncomfortable state of living, making their lifestyle very lousy. There are various preventive methods which can help you avoid this physical instability. Some of them are presented here.

  • One of the main reasons ofbackache is being overweight. So, it is important to maintain the right bodyweight. Excess of belly fat can create pressure on the spinal cord. This results in inflammation in back muscles, causing extreme pain.
  • Wrong body posture is also one reason which causes back pain. It is significant to sit, stand, walk or lie properly. Wrong posture creates pressure on back muscles. This may result in stretching of the wrong muscles in your body. So, to prevent muscular injuries in back, it is important to maintain a healthy posture.
  • Always get your vitamin D tested as its deficiency can cause extreme pain in the bones. Its deficiency is most likely known to affect your back bone. Furthermore, you might suffer from low bone density.
  • Don’t keep sitting for a long duration. Make movements in your body from time to time, even if you have a sitting job, you still need to maintain a proper exercise regime on a periodical basis. Exercise also helps to strengthen your backbone that helps preventing backache.
  • You should avoid inappropriate workstation set up. Make sure that your desk and chair is always adjusted according to your height, and you don’t have to lean a lot to work. You workstation is the place where you spend maximum time of your day so make the arrangement very comfortable to avoid developing a wrong posture.
  • Keep your muscles well maintained by giving them proper nutrient. Back muscles need to be strong so that it can bear the weight of the body. You can provide strength to the muscles by taking a healthy diet. Include a lot protein and calcium in your diet, which makes muscles and bones strong, preventing back pain.

It’s always better to prevent than to cure. One must take proper care to avoid back pain as back pain can be a big hindrance for a healthy lifestyle.


Back pain is a common issue faced by many. It has a greater impact on those who have to sit and do their work for hours without much physical activity. Since the problem is so common, a lot of back pain remedies have been found out to cure it or lower its intensity. Painkillers might subside the pain for a while but they are not the permanent solution. In fact, pain killers would further affect other organs of your body if consumed often. Some of the ways of how to treat back pain are discussed here.


Physiotherapy includes various treatments as mentioned below:

  • Ray therapy: A physiotherapist uses ultrasonic rays to subside pain and reduce inflammation in muscles in this therapy.
  • Heat and cold Therapy: In this one, heating pads which are applied to the area of the acute pain – hence, relieving it. Also, the ice packs are applied to reduce inflammation in muscles.
  • Pressure therapy: As the name suggests, pressure is applied to the back with the help of machines. This is basically termed as traction. It helps in settling bones and muscles at their right place.


This treatment has nothing to do with painkillers. There are Spasm releasing medicines available in the market. These medicines helps the muscles to release excess of tension – hence, providing them relief. But, these medicines should always be taken as directed by your doctor.


Back pain generally occurs due to weakening of bones or muscles. So, providing strength to bones and muscles can be proved as a good remedy for back pain. Strength can be provided to bones and muscles by giving them proper nutrients like calcium and protein. Calcium strengthens bones and protein strengthens muscles. Eating calcium and protein rich food or consuming them as supplements is prudent to treat back pain.


There are a lot of specific exercises for the treatment of back pain. These exercises should always be conducted under the guidance of an expert. They should not include bending forward, as it can worsen the back pain.

Taking sincere care of the back pain can definitely subside it. All you need is a little effort from your side.


Pregnancy is the time when a woman’s body gees through a lot of changes. These changes vary both physically and mentally as the baby grows in the belly. Albeit, a majority of the body parts in most women vary a little differently, but one common problem that they suffer is back pain. Many a time, it is so extreme that is becomes unbearable.

Why back pain occurs during pregnancy?

There are a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy which accelerate the back pain. These hormones cause cramps in back muscles causing acute pain in the lower back. Muscles and joints become lose due to stretching of the baby bump. A major factor of backache in pregnancy is due to gaining of weight. When the belly is bearing weight, it creates pressure on spinal cord, which results in muscle and joint pain. Furthermore, this leads to a lot of stress which further causes tension in muscles – creating muscle spasm.

Ways to prevent it:

You should always take preventive measures to avoid back pain during pregnancy. Once it starts it might worsen.

  • You should avoid bending. Bending creates pressure in spinal cord which escalates the pain.
  • From Day one of your pregnancy, you should follow an exercise regime conducted by an expert.
  • Always ask your doctor for the guidelines to improve body posture.
  • Practice sitting straight with the help of your back. Never leave your back unsupported.
  • Do not wear high heeled shoes. High heels create counterproductive pressure on your back bone and increase pain.
  • Meditate for a while. Meditation is a very good therapy to decrease stress. Once the stress is released, the tension in the muscles automatically decreases.
  • Always keep yourself physically active. Do not keep sitting for long. Go for good and suitable physical fitness classes. Make sure it includes yoga and meditation. A good back massage can also help. You should get your back massaged very gently in circular motion with the application of right pressure.
  • No matter how acute the pain is, do not take pain killers without consulting your doctor. You should always consult your doctor whenever this kind of pain starts. Following such simple ways can greatly help you curb that excruciating back pain of yours.


Most adults experience back pain at some point in their lives. Causes are diverse and may range from accidents, bad posture, pregnancy, muscle strain, Ankilosing Spondylitis, and sports injuries to kidney infection and cancer. The most common symptoms are enumerated below:

Common Symptoms

Some people experience a persistent ache or stiffness along their spines. The ache could be anywhere – from the base of the neck all the way down to the tail bone.

Others may experience a sharp, sudden or pulsating pain in the upper or lower neck area and back. This may especially happen when the person is undertaking some physically strenuous activity or after lifting heavy objects.

Another symptom of back pain is experiencing pain in the lower or middle part of the back every time a person attempts to change posture after sitting or standing for a long duration.

Some people experience muscle pain or spasms in the lower back while standing upright. This too is a symptom of back pain.

Some patients suffer from a shooting pain travelling from the lower back all the way to the buttocks and radiating to the back of the thigh and reaching the calf muscles and toes. This may be a sign of sciatica.

When to See a Doctor

Symptoms of back pain should be addressed by a qualified doctor in case they have not been alleviated by the use of home remedies or over the counter medication.

It is advisable to see a doctor if you have had a recent blow, injury or trauma to your back. It’s best to seek immediate medical help if you feel tingling, numbness or weakness in your legs and arms.

If you notice that the pain increases when trying to bend forward or when you cough, it may be due to a herniated disc which requires expert diagnosis and treatment.

You need to see a doctor if the back pain is accompanied by a burning sensation during urination, strong smelling urine, trouble controlling bladder and bowel movements or fever – it could be an infection.

Don’t neglect any persistent back pain you get while lying down or resting. If the pain extends along the back of your leg, it may be a sign that you have sciatica.

Timely diagnosis and effective backache treatment by a qualified doctor are the first steps of recovery. Book an appointment as soon as you identify any of these symptoms.


Lovers might experience pain in neck when they involve in sexual activities. Such pain may be intense or normal and can extend from 10 minutes to few hours. There can be a disturbance in involving with the intimate person and this will be a hectic discomfort for the person. This article discusses few steps or solutions to overcome such issues and enjoy the sexual life in comfort.

Migraine headache

This could be one of the causes for pain in your neck. Pain killers can solve your problem in such instances and you can have them few minutes before involving yourself with your partner. If such pain persists or leads to any other problem, vising a doctor is a recommended solution. Small blood vessels contract in the brain causing the pain. More than half of such people could experience this problem alone.

Pills for sex

Headaches also occur because of having pills for erection problems. Neck pain is the side-effect of such pills. The cause can be ascertained by a general physician. Hot shower and pain killers will also remove such pains for the immediate remedy. You can also try out homoeopathic remedies for treating your neck pain.

Neck strain

Pain in the neck is a result of strain in the physical activity. This strain will also occur when the person wears a heavy Helmet when driving motorcycles. Such helmets add weight that the neck is not normally used to. When the person has sex, this will result in painful spasms. The unbearable pain shoots through the person`s neck or head. This problem can be overcome by getting practiced to such motorcycle rides. Try reading health articles to help you guide to correct postures when working out in vigorous or harsh situations.

Sex is the essence of life and having pain in such situations will not make life interesting. The causes which can lead to neck pain can be treated using ayurvedic medicines, workouts and other life fitness routines. All you need is to be faithful to such remedies which will definitely minimize their occurrence in your life.


Sprains and injuries usually cause neck pain. Tendons, Muscles, and Ligaments can be strained around the cervical spine causing it. This article discusses some tips to prevent neck pain.


  • Cervical Pillows

Orthopedic pillows help people to support the gap between head and neck. The head gets deeper depression to lie in angle with the neck. Spine also aligns with neck supporting all the three parts.

  • Sleeping on back

This is a comfortable sleeping position- sleeping on the sides or by the stomach needs high pillows. Head as well as neck will rest normally and will not turn unnaturally by lying on the back.

  • Eye and Computer Screen position

Seating in office chairs should be comfortable. Eyes should gaze at the middle of the PC screen when the person sits on the chair. For that, the screen position or the chair`s height should be be adjusted accordingly. There should be frequent intervals to move away from the desk as well.

  • Neck muscles exercise

Exercise neck muscles to keep them strong and stretching. A chin tuck exercise is a favorable option that is also simple. This exercise makes the head get in alignment with shoulders and strengthens the muscles around. You can learn about such exercises from fitness books available online or in the market.

  • Hydration

Vertebrae in the spine have discs that are mostly filled with water. These discs remain healthy and pliable when water is consumed all through the day. Consume at least 8 large glasses of water a day. Also, keep yourself hydrated with foods in your fitness diet plan, which are capable of providing enough nutrition.

  • Carriage of even weight

Uneven weight on one hand makes the muscles get strained on that side when you carry things around. Avoid unnecessary things when travelling or moving out. A backpack might help distribute even weight across the shoulders.

  • Proper posture

Poor posture results in straining ligaments and muscles giving more pain. The most improper posture is ‘head-and-shoulder-forward’ posture that should definitely be avoided. Try hiring a yoga teacher to guide you for a perfect posture and other good workouts.

If you need an expert advice, checkout with our fitness trainers! Your life to fitness is in your hands. So, get your act together to maintain it.


Once a qualified doctor has diagnosed the back problem, he or she may address the pain through various means. In some cases, back pain can be resolved with home treatment, careful attention and the use of OTC painkillers such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen or aspirin. If home remedies for back pain do not produce desired results, the doctor may recommend stronger measures.


When OTC medications fail, the doctor may prescribe non steroidal/ anti inflammatory drugs (NSAID). Codeine may be recommended under close monitoring for a short period. Some tricyclic anti depressants have been successful in alleviating back pain symptoms and a doctor may recommend something like amitriptyline even if the patient is not suffering from depression.

Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy may be recommended along with medications to help restore movement and function, relieve pain and promote healing. Various techniques such as application of heat or ice, ultrasound, massages, use of TENS units, whirlpool baths and individual tailored back pain exercise programs may be used. Gentle stretching exercises, low impact aerobic exercises, pain relief exercises and motions to strengthen abdominal and back muscles are usually employed for effective treatment. The patient is encouraged to practice these techniques on a regular basis in order to prevent recurrence of back pain.


In case of non alleviation of symptoms with the above techniques, the doctor may want to inject cortisone (an anti inflammatory drug) into the epidural space around the spinal cord. This will help in the reduction of inflammation around nerve roots. Sometimes, injections are used to numb the area in which the pain occurs. These injections may be effective for a few months, around 3-4 months.

Back pain is rarely treated by surgery but this may be an option if the patient is suffering from a herniated disc.

Alternate Treatments

Along with conventional methods of treatment, many people opt for supplementary treatments offered by the likes of chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists etc. It is widely believed that these treatments promote well being along with providing relief from back pain. A chiropractor treats muscle, bone and joints problems whereas an osteopath specializes in the treatment of muscles and skeletal problems.

It is recommended for people of all age groups to do regular low-impact aerobic exercises and core strengthening exercises to help protect and strengthen the muscles protecting the back. After all, prevention is better than cure.