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 Common health issues of human body

  • How do we evaluate our health in general? High…???

    The facts…?

    Human body is basically made out of 63 trillion cells, which gets converted into tissues then into organs. And by default every cell, tissue and organs need maintenance as well as conditioning with healthy diet and physical activities.

    Common illnesses are caused due to toxic attacks through air, water and food pollution. It gives ample opportunity to germs, viruses and bacteria have to damage and destroy our immune system. Such things like deficient diet, stressful work routine, weak immune systems are very common in the era of fast industrialization and urbanization. Demands are alarmingly increasing and living style is getting tougher at the cost of lower air quality, lands getting limited for afforestation, water getting contaminated, busy work schedules and disturbed home life etc.

    One of the common illness asthma is caused by the polluted air, virus, allergic material, cold air, perfumes, hectic lifestyle etc. But by following simple precaution, we can lead a healthy and disease free life but one should get treated from the expert so that it does not increase over a period time.

    So to say, for staying healthy and fit, one need to be more organized in day to day routine life. Information on more common health diseases like arthritis, backache, diabetes, high or low blood pressure etc. can be easily persuade on for the complete solutions, symptoms, causing factors, remedial actions to remain fit, healthy and disease free. will keep updating common problems and easy solutions and treatment with newer and newer updates 24x7 with a vision and mission of “BE FIT STAY HIT”


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