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Tomas Johansson

Tomas Johansson

Tomas Johansson (1962), a Swedish wrestler was from Haparanda. He won an Olympic silver medal in 1992 in Greco-Roman wrestling and a bronze medal in 1988 and later onhe won a gold medal at the 1986 World Wrestling Championships.

Tomas Johansson made his debut in Olympic, Los Angeles in 1984. After losing the final play to American Jeffrey Blatnick, Johansson got a silver medal. That medal was lost after a couple of days later when he was caught using anabolic steroids. Later on  he was banned for 18 months for sport events.

In 1988, won medals in two consecutive world championships, Johansson was unlucky to be drawn against the AleksandrKarelin , final gold medal winner of the Olympic games of Seoul. Johansson lose in that session resulting to get bronze medal.

Later on in 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Tomas Johansson won two more medals at World Championship. In these years many international championship was won mainly by AleksandrKarelin, so Johansson was lucky when the match became draw against Aleksandrkarelin in the Olympic tournament. By having an initial tie against Hungarian LászlóKlauz, later on Johansson won gold medal match by winning three bouts.

Johansson won his last World championship medal in 1993, after that Johansson won two of his first four bouts, and lose the other two, thereby reaching a match of 7th and 8th places against Kenichi Suzuki, wrestler of Japan's in 1996 Olympics.



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