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This is a water based injectable and is utilized for treating the animals like dogs and horses who have degenerative-sort or joint issues. This medication is vastly improved at treating degenerative joint issues in animals (hip-dysplasia, tendonitis, joint inflammation, etc.) than it is at treating traumatic wounds. It does, in any case, work for both. Fundamentally, in every measurable region that’s applicable to treating a joint issue (range of movement, increase in levels of synovial liquid, lexion, etc…), it has shown improvement in the joint related issues. Along with this, it also increases white blood cells, lymphocytes and Polymorphnuclear cells.

Side effects on body:

  • 5% increase in weight leading to obesity.

How to use:
In a perfect world, 125mgs should be given at regular intervals. This ought to be finished no less than 28 days, and conceivably for whatever length of time that twice that.


  • People with balding problems due to genetic reasons should avoid the use of such steroids.
  • High sensitivity in the skin can be an issue for many when using these supplements.
  • Cholesterol issues in the body can be problematic for the ones who are looking forward to use such drugs. It is advised to avoid these steroids in such unhealthy conditions.
  • Ladies are especially not recommended to use an anabolic steroid due to the way that it leads virilisation.

Steroids must be taken under doctor prescription.


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