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Proviron is a standout amongst the most generally utilized anabolic steroids as a part of present day medicine. The main role of utilization is treating androgen inadequacies, age being the most widely recognized guilty party of the condition. It is, in any case, similarly used as a piece of prepubescent fellows as well. The hormone can be used as a readiness help as a piece of men and this alone makes it an extremely one of a kind anabolic steroid as most anabolic steroids have a tendency to have the opposite impact. Being oral anabolic steroid that is not C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) rather conveys the included methyl bunch. Oral Primobolan other most surely understood oral steroid that conveys this same methyl bunch.

Effect on body

  • Hardening effect
  • Burns the body fat
  • less inclined to water retention
  • expands androgenicity
  • Body building

Side effects on body

  • Acne
  • Quickens balding
  • Sparseness
  • Body hair development
  • Causes virilization in ladies
  • Cardiovascular strain
  • Smother the normal testosterone

How to use

  • Standard Proviron dosages to treat androgen or male richness will typically fall in the 50-75mg for each day range. Usually, the aggregate dosing is part into 2-3 25mg measurements for every day.
  • In androgen insufficiency arrives, the aggregate dosing usually begins at 75mg for each day and gradually lessens to 25-50mg for every day relying upon patient need.
  • Proviron measurements typically run from 50-150mg for every day. Most men, therefore, will discover 100mg for each day to be the base valuable dosage with both 100mg and 150mg being amazingly suitable. Total use will conventionally increment.


  • People with skin breakout issues due to high sensitivity, ought to stay away from consuming such steroids.
  • Facing hair loss issues due to such supplements are also seen so make sure you get proper information about the issue.
  • People with high cholesterol levels should not consider taking such drugs.
  • Females are suggested not to consume such drugs due to drastic side effects such as hormonal imbalance.

Steroids must be taken under doctor prescription.


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