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IGF1 is the form of polypeptide hormone that has the same size as that of insulin. This is the highly anabolic hormone that is released primarily in the liver with the GH or Growth Hormone stimulus. IGF-1 is the prime agent that can improve the ability of learning new skills and the techniques that are important for the sports activity.

Effects on the body
Anabolic activity with the GH

  • The IGF-1 acts upon the several distinct tissues in order to enhance the growth with varied mechanism.
  • Elevation of IGF level and GH level following the exercise and this is the cause of anabolic effect in the weight training.
  • IGF1 brings about a substantial growth in the muscles.
  • Improves the level of protein in the body
  • Eliminates the aging effects on the cognition.
  • Anti-catabolic nature brings about sufficient muscular gain
  • Can help cure Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Produces connective tissue
  • Rehabilitates any kind of injury related to joint
  • Treatment of dwarfism
  • Fat loss and muscular gains within a few weeks

Side effects on the body

  • Neuropathy can take place with the reversal of spinal cord degeneration
  • When IGF-1 is combined to erythropoietin, there can be stroke
  • Changes in the body weight

How to use
It is best to use 60-120 mg per day to get good results.

Expert tips/Precautions

  • IGF prevents the aging related muscular changes
  • It Maintains the muscle mass and the fibre type distribution
  • IGF plays a significant role in the childhood growth
  • Use IGF in conjunction with testosterone to gain best results
  • IGF intake can really enhance the muscular performance
  • New skills can be leaned more swiftly with IGF

Steroids must be taken only under the doctor’s prescription.


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