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Human Chronic Ganodotropin

Human Chronic Ganodotropin

Human Chronic Ganodotropin or HCG is the most widely utilised tools in the body building pharmacy. It is not actually a steroid but it is the natural peptide that is naturally produced by the embryo in the early stage of pregnancy and in the later stage it is produced by trophoblast in order to control the hormone of the pregnant woman. It is HCG which makes the uterine line ready for the implantation of fertilised eggs. To induce ovulation and to treat the disorder related to ovary it is used. HCG is also used to treat the undescended testicles in males. Although it is not meant for performance enhancement in females, in males it can improve the athletic performance.

Effects on the body

  • Increase in the levels of testosterone and so its high dose cycles may be extremely beneficial in case the Hypothalamus causes the depressed signal to the testicles.
  • Prevents atrophy by sending signal to the testes
  • Maintains the testicular size and restores the testicles to the normal size
  • Prevents the loss of hard earned muscles by dealing effectively with Cortisol
  • Quicker recovery and better gains from the workout session
  • Simulates testes to secrete testosterone

Side effects on the body

  • Aromatization of testosterone
  • Gynecomastia in males
  • AAS related side effects
  • Water and sodium retention after the high dose
  • Androgenic reaction
  • Increases the epitestosterone levels

How to use
HCG cycles must be started on the last week of the cycle. Shorter HCG cycle is the norm. The range of HCG should be for 2-3 weeks with one month off in the middle. For those who are in the lower dosage can stretch the period. Prolonged usage can repress the testosterone production. HCG can be started with 200-300 mg.

Expert tips/Precautions

  • Take small dosages of HCG as large dosage can cause severe side effects
  • Always couple the use of nolva with HCG to prevent gynacomastia
  •  HCG usage should be discontinued 2 weeks before stopping nolva



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