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Alexander Leipold

Alexander Leipold

A German freestyle wrestlerAlexander Leipold, 2 June 1969born, won the German Championships 11 times, the European Championships thrice, the World Championships in 1994, also won the tournament at the Summer Olympics2000 but was later stripped of his gold medal.Leipold won freestyle wrestling of German Junior Championships in 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989.

At the 1988 Summer Olympics, he stood at seventh, in 1992 thirteenth, and at the 1996 Olympics fifth.Atthe Summer Olympics 2000, Leipold won the freestyle tournament, winning the final 4–0 against Brandon Slay, was got caught positive of banned drugs and later on his gold medal was given to Slay. The German Wrestling Federation suspended Leipold for two years, but later the suspension was lifted.



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