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The Italian Association Bodybuilding / International Bodybuuilding & Fitness Association, organizes the course of BODYBUILDING and FITNESS 1st LEVEL. The course will have the aim of ensuring a sound educational basis of departure. Will be privileged the practical aspect of vocational training, such as' approach and the relationship with customers, the development of programming skills of custom procedure and the care of the execution of the athletic movement (exercises with progressive loads). All accompanied by lectures on the general aspects of anatomy and kinematics. It will be reserved a space in-depth on issues of greater legal related to the activities of the instructor Sportsman. Are included in the cost; a pantry, written by Dr. Biagio Filizola National President AIC / IBFA and a file with 100 quiz. Release after sustaining an exam f final answer to quiz 100, of DIPLOMA and Tesserino AIC including membership to the Association, also for the duration of the same, and then up to December 2013. You will be advised by Dr. Biagio Filizola. Tel 0973 392 820.

These will be the Topics Covered: 

History; Cardiovascular Risk; Asymmetries Muscle-Articular; Initial Assessment; Objectives of the customer; Warm Up; overtraining; Basic exercises and insulation with analysis and execution errors, Difference Tools / Free Weights; weight loss; hypertrophy; Maximum Strength; Table% Repetitions / load; Table% Muscle Fibers; Methods; Circuit Training Extensive / Intensive; (METHODS TO AVOID BODYBUILDERS WITHOUT ASSISTANCE FROM CHEMICAL) Cheating; Rest Pause; stripping; Pyramidal Ascending / Descending; Static and Eccentric contractions; Burnin; stripping; Forced reps; Triple the set; Split Routine; Super Series; Capillarization;) Prevention rotator cuff; Spinal Decompression exercises; Correct use of the belt and bands; Not recommended exercises to particular subjects; Electrostimulation Pros and Cons; Senior citizens; Training Youth; Worm Down; Against the culture of doping; Sports and Teaching; Profiles of criminal and civil liability. Wrong?

Enrollment procedures:

For Registration and participation in the course will need to make a National Postal Order, the amount equivalent to EURO 75.00, payable to Biagio Filizola Ischitiello via Vallone, 10, 84073 Sapri (SA) via priority mail and you will receive the Pantry Book of the Quiz (for the final exam from home). Only after passing the exam will be made the second payment of 75.00 EURO, if the examination is not passed can be repeated without any additional cost.

Our address:

  • Name : Tejinder Singh (Bobby), Chairman, IBFA India
  • Address : 6-A, New Ram Nagar Ambala Cantt, Haryana. Pin Code-133001.
  • Phone no : +91-9017401234
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