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Fitness Matters

Fitness Matters

Fitness Certification

The fitness industry in India is growing at a fast pace. The demand for good and certified trainers is also on the rise. FITNESS MATTERS offers both National and International Fitness Certifications that can help one get a foothold in the Fitness Industry. Our International certification has NCCA Accreditation which clearly distinguishes the excellence and value of fitness certification and clearly discriminates between qualified and unqualified fitness professionals.

To provide on going education to the industry people and to create awareness in public, Fitness Matters holds different workshops at gym level and at other platforms such as in corporates, clubs etc. Besides the topics listed below, we can arrange a workshop at per the need and interest of people.

To make the workplace more efficient and productive there are ongoing demands and stresses being placed on the workforce. To meet these ongoing demands sedentary lifestyle is of no help. Today every company needs the manpower which has good physical and mental health. An appropriate corporate wellness Program can help the company in 

Increased physical and mental health of employees

Improve ability to deal with day to day stress

Improved team work

Decrease the number of sick days

Increase staff motivation and moral

Provide an opportunity for staff to socialize