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Nutrition Charts

Nutrition Charts

Nutrition is important for a many reasons. There are different types of nutrients needed to ensure proper growth, reproduction, healthy functioning of organs. Nutrition is important to keep 63 trillion cells of human body. Every human need nutrients keep every cell in healthy condition. A nutritious diet plays vital role for physical and mental growth.

Food acts as fuel to help our body produce energy with the help of mitochondria. Children and adults around the world are unable to get their nutritional intake due to lack of food quality, pollution, poverty, and disease. Our good eating habits would balance your physical, mental and emotional health at optimum level. Nutritional deficiency can cause many disorders like vision, hair fall, skin, liver, thyroid, balancing sugar problems etc.

Dietitian, family physician or health care professional guide you according to your age, gender and lifestyle and if nobody does then FITNESSDADA.COM is at your service.

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