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Winter Grains

Winter Grains


  • One fourth cup dry faro.
  • One and half tablespoon olive oil.
  • One table spoon filtered apple cider vinegar.
  • One tablespoon agave nectar.
  • One tablespoon orange zest.
  • Half cup sliced kale.
  • Half cup chickpeas.
  • Halfblood orange, (sectioned).


  1. Cheffaro (originate in the ounces passage way) rendering to set instructions. Beateremerald loosens, vinegar, agave juice, and zest for dressing.
  2. Toss faro with kale, chickpeas, blood orange, and dressing.
  3. Blood orange juice slowed fat accumulation in a study done in mice, thanks in part to its bright color pigments called anthocyanins.