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Which Food Should You Avoid To Recover From Abdominal Pain

Which Food Should You Avoid To Recover From Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is not only common, it can be quite unsettling. One would do anything to get rid of this discomfiture. Choosing the wrong set of foods could aggravate the pain and prolong your misery, here’s a list of what to avoid to recover quickly from abdominal pain –

Dairy products

Milk and cheese are a big no-no when you suffer from abdominal pain. A viral or bacterial infection can harm the lactase (lactose-digesting enzyme) lined in the digestive system and could cause you to temporarily or even permanently lose your ability to digest lactose.


Caffeine could relax the lower esophageal sphincter, which allows acid reflux. This could inturn lead to loosening of tools, which could potentially mean you would have to fend for diarrhea whilst suffering abdominal pain.

Acidic foods

Citric foods have the potential to cause acid refluxes, they could cause stomach burn which could add to the discomfort already experienced. They also have similar effect of a soda at times. Milder acidic fruits such as apple should be fine, however, other fruits such as orange or tomato is best avoided.


Soda can give you a feeling of being bloated, this is not an ideal condition whilst suffering from stomach pain. If you burp a lot and feel full, it could only add to your woes. Moreover, the chemicals could be hard on your stomach, the carbonation could particularly be bothersome.

Fatty foods and Spicy foods

Fatty foods such as cheese, butter, meat can be avoided during such times. Spices are known to be cooked in oil, both spices and oil could only spell disaster to an already troubled stomach. It is best to take less spices during such situations.

Sugary foods

Sugary foods can spike your insulin levels, this could in turn lead to fluctuations in blood sugar. This however, is unlikely to affect the health of the stomach directly, however, varying blood sugar levels could make you shaky which will only worsen your overall condition.


Alcohol can increase gastric acidity, the chemicals within alcohol make it hard to metabolize, and they tend to irritate the stomach. It is best to stay away from the dose of alcohol when one is suffering from abdominal pain.

Staying away from the above list of foods will help better and an early recovery.