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What Is The Reality About Avocados Nutrition

What Is The Reality About Avocados Nutrition

Avocados pack a lot of health benefits in their composition. A healthy mixture of fibre of a considerable amount of fibre with some protein gives it a wonderful composition that is good for health. It does have fats too, but they are not your unhealthy fats which cause obesity etc.

The fats that are found in Avocados are:

  • Monosaturated Fats: This type of fat helps you with increasing your heart’s efficiency. Lowering of the cholesterol in blood without increasing the levels of insulin makes these fats worth consuming. Plus, patients who suffer from Type 2 diabetes should consume it to avoid excessive increase in sugar levels in the blood.
  • Polysaturated Fats: This type of fats can be found in Omega-3 fatty acids which are also equally good for reducing cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels in the body. Even, reduction of coronary diseases can be witnessed by it consumption. It also helps to regulate heart diseases as well as decrease the risks of Hypertension.

A combination of nutrition and fat:

Avocados have been known for their nutritional content which is rich in fibres as well as protein. But, it also packs fat (even though it is healthy at). If you already consume enough calories for your body, then the calories from avocados will increase your calories more than sufficient. So, now the question comes up – would you add these fattening and nutritional supplements in your diet?

Should you eat it?

The fats might be present in it, but that fat is nothing as compared to the high fibre content. And, it is because of the fibres that there is little chance of fattening due to this edible item. But, still fats are fats. And, they will increase your calories in the body. So, if you consume them in excess, you are going to increase your fat with the nutritional content these Avocados comprise of. So, in order to eat them, you should keep control of your diet plan and make sure that you take up the nutrition that it offers, but not over-exceed it.