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What Are The Top Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels

What Are The Top Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels

There are several foods that testosterone levels. So, knowing these foods or avoiding these will surely help you boost your testosterone level, naturally. Here are some of these foods.


Flax seeds lower down the level of testosterone.  In fact, both flax oil and flax seeds are worst foods to eat if you don’t want to lower the testosterone levels.  Even though these are rich in Omega 3, these actually reduce the testosterone levels in men.


Soy also reduces testosterone levels in men. This is because these are rich in isoflavones that are proven to be estrogenic compounds.  This is one of the reasons why vegetarians have lowered testosterone levels.


Talking about foods that lower testosterone, beer is also in the list. Beer is extremely estrogenic making it one of the reasons for lower testosterone levels in men. There are several studies that show men who consume beer, have extremely low testosterone levels.

Whole grains

Even though you know whole grains are necessary to maintain good health, these are also reasons for low testosterone levels.  First, it includes glutens the boosts prolactin and reduces testosterone. Also, foods rich in dietary fibers reduce testosterone levels.


You might love eating pasta, but what you didn’t know about it is that it reduces testosterone levels in men.  However, pasta is not all bad; it simply depends on how you eat it. So, keep the amount in check while eating pasta.

Here are some of the foods that lower testosterone levels. However, the most important thing is to check the level of your consumption to help prevent it.