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What Are The Supplements That Work Like Smart Brain Drugs

What Are The Supplements That Work Like Smart Brain Drugs

There are some brain drugs or supplements that help you improve your memory, the ability to focus, mood and motivation. These are the nootropics of brain boosting drugs. Here are some of the supplements that improve brain functions really well.


This is one of the most favorite supplements for gym goers and for those who wish to improve their sports performances. It has a positive impact on intelligence and memory. Just 45 grams a day is enough to improve brain functions. These supplements are highly beneficial when it comes to tasks that need speed in processing. Researches show high creatine levels in omnivores, especially people who consume high amount of meats, than vegetarians.


This is one of the most common and ideal supplements that are usually found in green tea and mushrooms. Thus supplements have been found to affect some of the neurotransmitters which prevent brain dysfunction.  This is also associated with good sleep and eliminating ADHD. A combination of theanine and caffeine has been linked with improved cognitive process. It also protects against stroke.


Passionflower is one of the highly important supplements that work like a brain drug.  Even though it is believed to have anti anxiety effects, these supplements also help in treating insomnia and neuralgia. This has also been used in patients undergoing surgery in order to reduce their apprehension.


This is one of the other essential supplements which again work like a great brain drug.  DHA is mainly an omega 3 fatty acid that is found in fishes as well as sea weeds. Many studies have shown the depletion of DHA to be associated with depression. However, these supplements have proven records of preventing psychiatric disorders.  Apart from this, it also improves cognitive development in kids. It even protects and prevents against mild cognitive impairments, dementia as well as prevents the risk of Alzheimer.

With that being said, these are the top four and most common nootropics or brain drugs that improve brain functions really well. Most of these can be obtained through foods or through food supplement. This is highly suitable for normal people as well as athletes and sportsmen.