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What Are The Several Health Benefits of Tea

What Are The Several Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the oldest and most popular drinks across the globe. Apart from good taste, there are several benefits of drinking tea, especially health benefits. Interestingly, there are 7 healthy teas benefits.

Green tea improve eye sight

Green tea is one of the popular and widely used teas that helps improve poor eyesight. Catechin is one of the important antioxidant responsible for this. High amount of antioxidant in the eye tissues is worthy of raising a cup to.

White tea has anti aging effects

White tea includes one of the antioxidants polyphenol. This polyphenol is exclusive to white tea and strengthen elastin as well as collagen growth. White tea is the best option for you. Even though green tea also helps has anti aging effect, it is nearly half of what white tea offers.

Black tea for good heart

Black tea is extremely good for maintain the proper functioning of heart. It is rich in flavonoids, another important antioxidant. It keeps the arteries dilated, one of the main reasons for healthy heart. It also helps decrease the chemical levels responsible for heart disease.

Oolong tea controls cholesterol levels

Oolong tea is another popular and common choice when it comes to healthy tea. In fact, it is believed to fight and control bad cholesterol levels. Interestingly, there is one type of oolong tea that is believed to work great as a weight loss supplement.

Red tea fights cancer

The next important tea to have essential health benefit is the red tea. Interestingly, the red tea is believed to have properties that helps fight cancer. Apart from this, it also has other health benefits since it includes antioxidants.

Chamomile tea controls diabetes

Chamomile tea is another important tea that offers several health benefits. It helps control diabetes as well as complications from diabetes such as loss of vision, kidney or nerve damage and stunt cancer cell growth.

Pu- erh tea controls weight gain

There are several researches that show how pu-erh tea controls weight gain. But apart from this, it even helps control the bad cholesterol levels in blood.


With that being said, these are the several healthy tea benefits that you get from all these different varieties. You can use BMR calculator to know how much calories you have burnt drinking these teas.