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What Are The Foods To Take Before Exercise

What Are The Foods To Take Before Exercise

Achieving the optimal result after a workout depends on exactly on the type of food you have taken before the exercise.  For building muscle and staying fit, it is extremely important for fueling yourself. Here are some of the best foods you need to take before exercising to get the best results.


When you begin your exercise, all you need is good amount of energy to help you perform it better. There’s nothing like bananas for instant energy.  This is because bananas are highly rich in fats acting carbohydrates that give you usable fuel for the workout.  Apart from this, the potassium helps you in muscle building and improves nerve functions. You need to eat banana before breakfast and half an hour before your exercise.


Oats are another good food option that you need to take before you begin your exercise. These are rich in fiber that releases carbohydrates into your bloodstream, thereby providing you energy.  In fact, it provides you a steady supply of energy that you need all through your workout.

Fruit smoothie

If fruits are not your thing, you can easily try out the fruit smoothie.  These are great and one of the best pre workout snacks you need to try. This is simply because these are high in proteins that are easily digested as well as a combination of simple and complex carbohydrate.  The simple carbohydrate will keep you charged for the initial 15 to 20 minutes and the complex ones will hit you within half an hour.  So, together these provide you a steady flow of energy all through the exercise regime.


Chickpeas are a great food option if you are looking for pre exercise foods.  These are also hassle free when it comes to cooking. Just boil about ½ cup or ¼ cup of chick peas, add some lemon juice and you are good to go. It includes 30 grams of carbs, 10 grams of proteins and 9 grams of fiber.


These are best food you need to eat before your exercise to get more energy and stay fit. Along with this, you can also take pre workout supplements to get good results.