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What Are The 7 Foods You Should Avoid At All Cost

What Are The 7 Foods You Should Avoid At All Cost

There are some foods or meals, you need to put away from your kitchen and plates to stay healthy and fit. Here are the 7 foods you need to avoid at all costs to stay fit and in good health.

Frosting: Frosting is not good for health since it contains trans-fat. These are hazardous food addictives that disturbs weight loss and gives rise to numerous health issues. Consuming even a small amount is dangerous. It increase LDL and decrease HDL.

Packaged sandwich: Packaged sandwiches contain a large amount of saturated fat and are filled with cheese and mayonnaise. In fact, it contains about 400 calories, whereas the daily intake should be much lower. Best way is to make your own sandwich.

Tomato sauce for pasta: Tomato sauce available in the market is another food you must avoid. It contains high amount of refined sugar that can increase diabetes and other health issues. Most people have no clue about the sugar content in the sauce.

Soy sauce: Soya sauce contains vitamin, but is not good for the health. This is because of the sodium content that is 900 milligrams. This is something that causes water retention, hypertension and other health problems.

Multigrain products: These foods lack nutritional value and causes weight gain. In fact, people consuming whole grains have 505 more chances of gaining weight. If consumed regularly, it is likely to give rise to heart diseases and diabetes.

Sugary cereal : For cereals, you need to take about three quarters of sugar in a day. However, in most cereals available in the market, the amount exceeds.  Sugar is likely to cause diabetes and other related health problems. You need to take cereals that are low in sugar content.

Soda: Soda is another food that you must avoid at all costs.  Too much soda gives rise to type 2 diabetes, adult metabolic syndromes as well as cancer. Apart from sugar, there are chemicals in soda that is bad for the health. It damages teeth and causes cavity.

Above all, maintaining a healthy eating plan is important to stay active fit and avoid health problems.