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Say No to Soda

Say No to Soda

You come home tired and weary, and realize the hot weather which makes you feel really thirsty. You go for the fridge and takeout a soda. Did you realize how much sugar and other chemicals you are about to consume through that thirst relieving drink? They do offer a tangy taste and all, but they are not healthy at all. You can become really ill if you are consuming it regularly. So, there has to be an alternative to reduce your thirst as well as offer you healthy benefits.


Your alternatives:

  • Water:Perhaps the safest and the most obvious drink to try out! Thirst is because of water, so why not drink up water? If it’s hot, add a couple of ice cubes to it and enjoy it. If you still want a little taste addition to it, then squeeze a lemon in it and be ready to enjoy the delectable flavour.
  • Fruit Juices:While fruit juice should not be consumed that much, as it contains a lot of glucose that can increase the risks of diabetes, it is still a better option than a soda where you are consuming too much sugar content. Try going for fruit juices if you are too thirsty and have a craving for a drink. Otherwise, fruits would be preferable.
  • Milk:Milk offers you so many nutrients which will give you full-fledged health. Chug it down in the form of a milkshake if you like, just enjoy it without worrying about health issues.
  • Tea:Tea can also help you refresh your mind while offering a taste. It lets you provide an alternative for caffeinated sodas too. Plus, you do not increase your weight by drinking it. You also get tons of antioxidants to help you prevent oxidation in the body.
  • Sugar free mixes:You can consume these without increasing sugar levels in your body. Plus, they come in a variety of flavours to enjoy.

Avoiding sodas can greatly help you in staying healthy while having such refreshing drinks when tired. Try them out in different ways as per your preference.