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How to Gain Weight Without Supplements

How to Gain Weight Without Supplements

How to Gain Weight Without Supplements

While others are out there shedding weight, there are some people who need to bulk up their bodies. Mostly, men like muscles all around their hands. And that is why there are times when people opt for supplements to do it faster. But did you know, you could go natural and the healthy way to gain weight? Here is the perfect guide for you…

1. High-Calorie Food Diet
If you are someone who eats veg and non-veg food, then you need a high protein and fibre diet. This high-calorie diet will help your body in gaining weight in a natural and easy way. The basic items to start from are eggs, bananas and milk. If you cannot drink milk just like that, then opt for a banana milkshake. Chicken too can be a good option if you are planning to gain weight. But make sure you do not munch too much on junk food. That might help you gain weight, but it isn’t nutritious.

2. Vegetarian Diet
Whole grains contain a high amount of glucose in it and so it is appropriate to opt for brown rice, brown bread, etc. in your diet plan. Potatoes too help you gain weight and also provide energy to the body. When it comes to fruits, Avocados are the best fruits to eat while trying to gain some kilos. The rich nutrients and fat are good for the body.

3.Non-Vegetarian Diet
If you are a regular non-veg eater, then lean meat such as ground beef and white meat poultry have high protein content. Adding them to the diet will increase the muscle growth. Chicken (less oily) and boiled eggs are extremely good when you opt for a non-veg diet plan to gain weight.

4. Workout plan routine
Spending hours in the gym will not magically make your body bulky in few days. A proper workout regime is essential when wanting to gain weight. Ask the trainer what exercises will help. The basic ones include lifting weights, floor press, deadlift, push-ups and many others.

5. Keep a track
It is extremely important that you keep a track of your workouts and diet plans. Note down in a small book of your daily eating habits and post workout routine. Keeping a log of the day-to-day routines will help you motivate further. Also, make a goal and finish it on time. Don’t be lazy and compromise with your body.

6. Know your body
If you are aware that you cannot lift certain weights, then do not do it. Also, it is necessary to know whether you can follow a strict diet. If you are suffering from any kind of disease that won’t support your regime, then do not pressurize your body. Be patient and take small steps.

7. Be curious
Be free to ask your trainer what is best for you. Be curious to find out what best suits you and your body type. Have a motivation in mind and start your plan. Be wise when you schedule your plan. Spending several hours in the gym may not be the best option for you.
These 7 essential steps are all you need to gain weight. And remember not to opt for any supplements. You won’t require them.