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How To Tell The Difference Between Low And High Cholesterol Food Items

How To Tell The Difference Between Low And High Cholesterol Food Items

Many people get confused when looking at various food items. Some might have nutritional ingredients which are easy to judge, while there are other items which might not be that easy to predict. Judging food items with cholesterol levels is also essential because high cholesterol is highly dangerous for the body.

Difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol:

The issue with cholesterol is that it has to be transported into the body through our bloodstream. This is carried by lipoproteins. The contents carried through the stream comprise of LDL Cholesterol and HDL Cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol is quite viscous in composition as compared to HDL cholesterol. When passing through the bloodstream, LDL cholesterol keeps sticking to the arteries when present in higher amounts. This clogs the arteries leading to blocking of cholesterol in the blood vessels. This is why cholesterol level increases in the body. HDL cholesterol on the other hand is thinner as compared to LDL and can be easily transported.

Which foods to consume?

So, it is necessary to consume food items that do not increase the LDL cholesterol levels in the body. The best way to judge between the two food items is by looking at the composition. The food items that have ingredients like saturated oils, fats and other unhealthy dairy products are going to increase your bad cholesterol. You have to consume items with unsaturated fats which will help you to maintain your cholesterol levels.

Some items are usually easier to judge than others. For instance, chips and other fried items are to be avoided as they contain a lot of saturated fat. Your goal is to regulate yourself from consumption of such items without compromising your health. While it would be prudent to stop eating high cholesterol food items, but consuming them once in a week would be considered a regulated and encouraged diet.

Other notable foods for the two are:

LDL Foods: Beef, pork, salami, hotdog, cream, cheese, butter, whole milk, etc.

HDL Foods: Wheat, peanuts, cashews, beets, walnuts, oranges, etc.

Nevertheless, it is up to you what you want with your chosen diet plan. You can add healthy diet menu to your daily routine for a better and healthy lifestyle, as well.