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How To Boost Your Energy With These 8 Foods

How To Boost Your Energy With These 8 Foods

A lot of people have found their energies sapping even if they don’t have a very physical job. That might seem unusual but is more common than you think. It happens because the foods we consume meet our calorie requirements but do not boost the metabolism. If you find your energies draining in middle of the day, here are top foods that you can incorporate in your diet to boost your energy levels:

  • High fiber food: such as whole fiber breads help in keeping body high on energy. Such foods, when consumed for breakfast especially serve as a source of energy for the whole day due to longer time take by body to break down the fiber.
  • Lemon water: one of the most versatile foods, lemon water boosts metabolism. A BMI calculator indicates direct effect of lemon water on increasing BMI of body. It can be consumed any time of the day for instant energy release.
  • Fruits: fruits are rich in natural sugar, carbohydrates and fiber. A serving of fresh fruits can give an instant energy doze as it provides body with instant fuel.
  • Nuts and almonds: all kinds of nuts and almonds are rich in vitamins, minerals such as magnesium and fiber. While magnesium helps in improving quality of blood, thus improving energy regulation, fiber when broken down acts as energy source.

Dark chocolate: it is rich in theobromine which does not only have antioxidant activity but also works as energy booster, in a way similar to caffeine.

  • Lean meats: such as skinless chicken, lean beef and lean pork are rich in protein, while being low in fat. These meats are specifically rich in amino acid tyrosine which helps body to produce dopamine and norepinephrine, the two neurotransmitters that help signal better transmission of nerve impulses and providing body with greater energy and agility.
  • Green leafy vegetables: such as spinach, lettuce, asparagus etc are very good sources of iron which help in hemoglobin production, thus fighting off anemia, giving body greater energy for its daily activities.

Caffeine: in form of coffee or tea can provide body with an instant energy boost. Caffeine helps body in producing neurotransmitters which help providing the much needed energy boost to the body.